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Every Shot You Need To Know In Badminton — 30 Comments

  1. A shoutout to our subscriber Lakshay for the awesome video idea! If you have other ideas you want to see us create in the future then leave a comment below 👇

  2. It would be a great video if you two do singles full court match and some more tips on footwork

  3. Amazing content! This will surely bring variations in my game. Thanks ❤

  4. The video I didn’t know I wanted! Thank you so much, this is great 😃

  5. This was a really good and informative video. I play badminton and some of these shots I wouldn’t have even thought of playing. It really shows how tunnel visioning and playing only certain types of shots is a curse I need to get rid of.

  6. Thank you very much for the shoutout! ♥️
    Really appreciate you making a video of every shot , it’s gonna be helpful for sure!!
    Love you Greg and Jenny 🤩

  7. It would be really great if you could make a video on warm up and stretching exercises before and after the game.

  8. Thank you guys i have a competition this coming friday and your videos help me so much keep up the great work

  9. Hey Jenny and Greg! Great content again! I have a request for you though. Please make a video on how to return tight net shots

  10. Hey Jenny and Greg! Great video again! I have a request for you. Please make a video on how to return tight net shots

  11. Greg’s rear court shot style was awesome ,all strokes were executed perfectly,was able to learn a lot from this video,thnx for the vid : )

  12. @Hruthin Das service return strat will be hard to do with only two people as it normally involves your partner too to be compliant. It can get quite technical too if you want it valuable. Else if you want fundamentals they have done return of serves in the past with their videos. 👌

  13. Btw… Thanks for mirroring the parts in which you’re playing. That makes it much more easier for right handed players to understand what you’re doing! And I really love how you payed attention to the details, like wearing clothes that don’t look wrong while mirrored ;D

  14. Hello greg and jenny what about how to do some trick shots or how to do fake shot’s

  15. Thanks for the great idea Lakshay! 😃 Hope this video helps you, and lots of others too!

  16. Inspiring! Didnt think about the forehand drive serve so far. Hard to return if served by a lefthander but you could also include it in your variety of services if you are righthanded.

  17. Incredibly good video.
    Can I suggest a video on How to receive/handle a smash with the correct technique and hand-eye coordination? I have struggled a lot in terms of my timing – Sometimes, I commit myself sooner (before the shuttle is near the racket) and the shuttle just barely touches the racquet and loops up for an easy winner by the opponent, sometimes my reaction is late, and I miss the shuttle altogether. in between these two extremes, I do at times, get my moments of glory as well when my smash receive timing is perfect.

    In cricketing terms, it’s analogous to facing a fast bowler bowing at great speed. How to maintain the correct form, head & racquet position, eye coordination, and body posture and receive the smash without fear and with confidence.

  18. Thanks! 😀 We wouldn’t recommend doing it in doubles though, especially if you are comfortable with a backhand serve!

  19. Thanks for the good content and playing with the right hand 😊. Helps a lot 🏸👍

  20. Thank you so much for this video. It is helpful. It is my request of you could make a video on how to do a drive and push shot? I have actually participated in a badminton tournament arranged in my acedamy. So I wanted to learn a shot which would make the opponent confused.

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