eu victor thruster tk9900 and tkf

EU Victor thruster tk9900 and TKF

In selling my old thrusters

The TK9900 is a 3Ug5 and the heaviest Victor I know. It also packs quite a punch but I’m selling it because I can’t really handle it well. It’s seen some battles and the paint quality on these frames isn’t the best so the condition is a 6/10 I guess. The frame is pretty darn strong and still excellent

It’s currently strung at 30lbs with Victor ns68 and has a white grip on the wood.
Asking for €85 and shipping from Holland is dependent on your location

I’m also selling my 4Ug5 thruster TK F, currently prewoven but not yet strung (will do on request) with GT5. Two chips on top but for the rest excellent condition. It’s quicker and more forgiving than the 9900, I also feel the sweetspot is larger. At the cost of some power being a 3U.
Asking for 105eur

Would also trade for an Astrox 88 (any)


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