eu victor thruster bxr tk9900

EU Victor thruster BXR & TK9900


FS: Victor thruster TK9900. Strung with Victor NS68 at 30lbs, yonex supergrap grip.
condition is 6/10 (paint quality isnt too good). asking for €85,-

FS:Victor thruster TK BXR.All strung with GT5 at 29lbs. two overgripped and one towelgrip.
condition is 8-9/10, definitely seen use but paint quality is pretty darn good.
asking for €90 a piece; I have three.
In selling my old thrusters

Would also trade for an Astrox 88 (any) 77 99, arcsaber 11, duora Z strike. You know what, if you want to to trade just message me.


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