Beginner-friendly racket with no price limit?

I had the exact same question: which racket easy to play with for beginner, heading towards intermediate, with no price limit. Well, I spent almost 3 weeks analysing the numbers, reviews, etc. So I’ll share my choice. Please refrain to reply « won’t make you a better player, bla bla bla », I already know that and I agree. I analyse sport goods because I like doing that and spend good money on them because I can.

My choice as been Yonex Astrox 66. Yep, a pink racket !!! Well, this proofs the color scheme was not a criteria :) I played a bit with an old Yonex Nanospeed 9000 type X, and I struggle to make long clears from the back hand. This model is stiff with head light. So I went on the other side of the spectrum with a lighter, flexible, slightly head heavy racket, hence the Astrox 66. I placed my order 2 days ago, so did not have the chance to try it yet. My wish is firstly to boost my clears while I slowly but surely improve my technique (I do not swing the racket head very fast for now). The fact this racket is pink and promoted for girls makes it less popular, but reviews are very positive about how easy this racket is to play with.

PS: I think colors are no more gender specific anyway. White purple and pink look good to me :)