Badminton – What Destroys Your Smash (17) Having wrong thumb position

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Hey there, I am Lee Jae Bok
I have actually been playing and coaching badminton the whole of my life 50 years from age 10 and this time 2019 age 59.
I am offering various levels of badminton coaching clips in addition to evaluations on badminton rackets and other training equipment.
I am publishing videos on how to move quickly on the court, how to strike accurately and deceptively, how to utilize the best tactics to various players. Likewise, I am supplying coaching videos for SINGLES, DOUBLES and MIXED DOUBLES. There are videos for newbies, advanced, pro players, badminton coaches, and young players parents. In my training videos you will have the ability to see the factors for the ways I am teaching players in a specific way.

I have three motos in my training. They are RESPECT OPPONENT, COMPETE for FAIR and CHALLENGE THE LIMIT
You will discover my method of training and badminton skills much various from the standard and common method. In my opinion, they are unique and ingenious.
I very much hope you find my coaching clips are enjoyable and beneficial to your badminton improvement.

You may visit my online coaching website: Lee Jae Bok Badminton School at
More training clips available. "12 month doubles course", "12 month singles course", "12 month coaches course". Blog sites for parents, and my personal story "Badminton, My life and My Path", some advises to gamers and coaches and many other courses are offered.

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