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  1. This happened to me and my friends last time, but instead of defense we hit smash back to back (aimed for the top since it was fun and we got to smash back to back)

  2. I want to have this kind of defensive power. Not just in badminton but for my life as well.

  3. I’ve trained my co-players before like this, so that they could have consistency on their smashes and I used training too to improve my defense on every smash

  4. Dang, both players are great, that consistent smash must have been hard, and the guy constantly hitting it back.. wow 🤩

  5. I love how the guy who’s defending is like :
    “When you bounce it back MY RIGHT LEG MUST JUMP”

  6. It’s obvious that that guy ain’t serious, plus they only using half the court and if he wanted, he probably could’ve do a feint to get a easy point

  7. Defending don’t mean you have to run around the court 6 times, limit your steps don’t make any unnecessary movements and follow the ball/items

  8. Badminton is so fun, literally, if you are against someone who is at your level and is your friend, it’s godlike fun. Such good memories

  9. I used to play table tennis at a table club when I was a kid with my dad. The place was run by an older guy who had a severe limp. He couldn’t get around too well. Despite his limp, he beat the hell out of *everyone* who challenged him. He’d stand there like the guy in this video and return every shot that came his way. The young, fit, agile players used to get so angry. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself.

  10. I miss badminton so much. I remember playing it a lot in high school, was never beat but it was fun to actually be good at a sport for once in my life

    Badminton is forever in my heart

  11. @Luke Price oh I just go by the position of where the badminton is at, didn’t know people read their opponent like that

  12. The best feeling in badminton is not even smashing but defending against a smash. Just remembering it gives me chills

  13. How nostolgic the memorise, when l was a high school student playing at badmintod club and my practice with the coach was this.

  14. Being a badminton player ( 12 y/o and still learning ) he played so nice I could never hit or return those smashes

  15. Woah this made me remember face to face classes where me and my friends would still keep the game going even if it’s obviously out of court yes the referee was laughing

  16. As someone who played badminton for a long time I always hated my brother playing against me. He always smashed while jumping in the air, it was an annoying tactic but still a good one.
    I’m more like the one who makes tiny “drops”

  17. My favorite character is katakuri it’s funny how he broke his jaw eating and his fruit is dough fruit man they have a game called blox fruit on Roblox bout the anime it nice

  18. Fr bro when I first defended a smash against a guy who a state player or sum I thought wtf since whe could I do that

  19. @All My Thoughts badminton is much faster than tennis, you could lose an eye if the birdie hits you the wrong way

  20. @All My Thoughts sure is, the fastest shot ever recorded was 264m/h or 426km/h so imagine a McLaren at full speed hitting you with all the impact localised within your left eyeball. granted the birdies are really light so i am exaggerating a bit, but they’re still really fast