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Badminton Semi-Finals: Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan – Rio 2016 FULL Replay | Throwback Thursday — 77 Comments

  1. Thanks to the person who commented asking for this video, on one of their previous posts. Been waiting forever for this 🔥🔥🔥and thanks to the Olympic channel!

  2. Thanks for the comments and requests. We’ll keep adding Badminton TBTs as often as possible. Meanwhile you can watch several Rio 2016 matches on OlympicChannel.com:
    Badminton Men’s Singles Gold
    Badminton Men’s Singles Bronze – https://oly.ch/2016MenBadmintonBronze
    Badminton Men’s Doubles Gold
    Badminton Men’s Doubles Bronze
    Badminton Women’s Singles Gold
    Badminton Women’s Doubles Gold
    Badminton Women’s Doubles Bronze
    Badminton Mixed Doubles Gold
    Badminton Mixed Doubles Bronze – https://oly.ch/2016MixedBadmintonBronze

  3. if you’ve never played badminton outside of phys-ed class you won’t understand how difficult this sport is

  4. @Phil Tsoi she say to LCW that have no gold medal…. But 3 silver medal also show that he still the best. Love you LCW

  5. Dude be respectful. You didn’t pay for any of these contents, so stop bitching about the content like you deserve it.

  6. He finally beat his arch rival in the olympics only to lose to Chen Long. I feel bad for LCW.

  7. Their sportsmanship actually brought a tear to my eye
    They hugged it out and exchanged shirts
    and Lin Dan encouraged people to applaud
    That was beautiful

  8. I understand how painful it is for you to see this terrific moment of LCW. This vids is here to stay forever just for you. Watch whenever you can 😉

  9. I remember watching it live. I watched the third set and I was so stressed. The ending almost killed me. I was scared of Lin Dan coming back to win the match. When Lee Chong Wei scored this last point, it was such a relief. It felt like it was a dream. I could not believe it. One of the best day of 2016 for me. I was so proud of Lee Chong Wei. 🙂

  10. Lee Chong wei didn’t play same intensity against Chen Long in thd final and lost. If was more decisive on the net he definitely would have won the final.😫

  11. obviously, he already knew he lost the set so he’d rather save the energy for the next set.

  12. @loma Loma lee is the best badminton player to ever been born. He is an inspiration.

  13. Lin Dan retired today. Two legends forever. The best time in badminton has gone. Thanks to LD and LCW

  14. The umpire must be so lucky to watch these 2 legends play. You don’t get to watch such matches often

  15. @Ajai Asokan I’m afraid that only a few people, like Peter Gade, Taufik Hidayat, Kento Momota, Sony Dwi Kuncoro, Jan Ø. Jørgensen, Viktor Axelsen, etc. would agree with you, but millions of fans of Lee Chong Wei would stand against you firmly. You can’t win this battle whatsoever. Give up, mate, give up.

  16. I think this match is more important for LCW than the gold medal match. He just simply wanted to beat Lin Dan.

  17. @Love Story you must have never played doubles or singles you move the same amount in doubles as singles

  18. @Olympic Will you please upload the match of quarter finals of kidambi vs lin dan

  19. @Julius Mendoza the most easiest thing is the difficult one because if it is easy than then it is easy for all and it increases competition

  20. @Tluanga Colney Jr. That’s true. That’s because no one really plays badminton where I’m from at an advanced level. But how many people that claim badminton is more difficult than tennis played tennis at an advanced level? According to the viewers of this video, they’re all badminton players so it makes sense to want to believe this sport is more difficult. I really do love both sports but in my personal experience, tennis is way more frustrating than badminton. Badminton is easy to learn, tennis is just difficult. There’s nothing easy about tennis.

  21. because the score in that round was too much difference, he didn’t want to waste the energy to catch it, he also couldn’t do anything else in this case.

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