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Badminton: HOW TO SMASH – FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED, bulutangkis — 44 Comments

  1. Content is great, rich in details. I especially like showing the proper grip and even drawing lines on the grip – even on your skin! Haha! To me, that shows commitment, dedication, and a healthy dose of humor. Keep it up. Cheers!

  2. Superb video. Very helpful, as it’s a shot I’m struggling with (particularly the angle i.e. I hit the net or too high!). Some good, complementary comments from your viewers also.

  3. throwing my elbow out front is very hard since i can barely relax when playing. but that numbers marking 1-2-3 is very helping. thanks.

  4. An insightful video that I will take into account when playing. I definitely have a lot of training to do to get the muscle memory correct. In the heat of the moment I just revert to bad habits but hopefully through training and practice from your videos I can get better. I particularly liked your break downs of each action and focusing on one part before putting it all together. It helped me to understand the mechanics a bit better. I’ll also bear in mind the bow and arrow analogy as it makes a lot of sense when playing. You take aim, draw your bow back then fire! Thanks for another great video. 😄🎾🏹🔥

  5. You are welcome. We do our best to help you guys out 😉 It takes a lot of training to get used to this. You must stay aware on your focus, then you will improve faster. Take a look at our video how to learn fast 😀

    Best regards,

  6. Writing 1 2 3 on the hand and elbow is a great idea wished this video was made ages ago. Thank you for the video.

    A request for a video for must do stretches before and after.

  7. Have to try this next time. Last time I watched how to backhand, and I followed your tips, anddd it worked! I even did backhand smash once. Thanks!

  8. Thank you so much for the video.The videos are very illustrative and helpful, please continue the great work. Also would be great if you could do a video on selecting a racquet

  9. @Shuttle Life meanwhile, can you suggest how to select a racquet? Is it good to buy Apacs frame and string it with Yonex net or just buy a Yonex racquet?

  10. Go check out our racket review! That is the racket Mads is playing with – definitely worth a look 😉

  11. I like the technique of writing number 1 2 3. It makes me understand the position of the racket much easier. Thanks a lot.

  12. This video is powerful and very useful! I really liked the strategies to teach Badminton, there are precious tips in this video and in the video about the Top 10 trick shots made by you! Thank you!

  13. You guys are just awesome.
    I didn’t knew anything about smash before watching this video.
    I just thought it is only about power.
    But after warching this, I got to know that it is a combination of various factors.
    Thank You for your Guidance and Help.

  14. Hey shuttle life, I love this video and the way you guys explain it. I’m having trouble with jumping and doing the smash while in the air, I quickly jump back to the ground not being able to do a proper smash. Do you know what I can do? Thank you very much, much love 😀

  15. Take a look at our video: Jump smash the perfect weapon.

    Let us know if you have any more questions

  16. Shuttle Life sure thanks for the video! I’ll be looking forward to more of your future videos! Subscribed!

  17. I have no words for how much this video helped me with improving my smashes. prior to watching this video, I hit fluke smashes which obviously isn’t very good. after watching this video I have become crystal clear on how to hit a smash. I love how you people have step by step explained everything slowly for us learners to understand and internalize them. ‘ thank you’ as a word can merely show my gratitude to you people. keep it up, guys!

  18. This is very helpfull, gonna try all these this evening in my acadeny, thanks a lot❤️

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