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Badminton Deceptions = Ankle Breaker — 50 Comments

  1. If anyone wants to know the name of any athlete in the video, just put down a comment asking for the name along with the time stamp. I will try my best to answer all of them. ( I found that putting the name of the player on top of the video was simply too distracting, couldnt concentrate on the shots itself ) TY 🙂

  2. Perfect editing, perfect footage, perfect montage, perfect music set up. This video is everything we want to see.

  3. 2:54 Before the score shows, it looks like Sugiarto was so impressed at LCW’s shot that he just forfeit lol

    In other news, Tai Tsu Ying just destroying everyone like “move along nothing to see here”

  4. @Aiden Kim why would a male athlete be better at deception than female athlete. Males are only physically fitter and stronger.

  5. @Ying if the same shot that a women player did in a men’s singles game, do you think it would be considered a trick shot in the first place… women players are just much slower and gets tricked easily. So how can we compare them in the same category. Trick shots in men’s games needs to be much more deceptive, because the players are much faster. In contrast, women players can get tricked by simpler shots.

  6. Cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard…fantastic montage of sublime shot making. N1CE.

  7. @Gwynbleidd Try watching it with 0.75 playback speed. It’s all about the details buddy 🙂 LCW delayed the shot with exaggerated motion causing him to return from a much lower position(out of form). The time lag deceived the opponent that he missed the sweet spot. Sugiarto anticipated a higher direct return which is why he clearly moved his right leg forward. Sugiarto head was following the returned shot however his entire body was moving forward in a different direction. In the end, indeed it was a dang good shot which required extreme control from years and years of experience.

  8. You can even notice LCW leaped forward and paused for less than a second before hitting!!

  9. Not being anything but a 2 or 3 times player of badminton (waiting for the table-tennis session to begin), these look like a compendium of _every_ shot that got me wrong-footed every time.

  10. Simply brilliant control and movements that certainly catch the opponent by surprise

  11. Aiden Kim ur just a misogynist who can’t deal with the fact that a woman would break ur ankles. And ur not validating Lin Dan being so great at badminton just bc she can verse women. Guess what I bet she played so many men like u and put them in their place.

  12. This is Another video 100 deceptions that you haven’t seen in your life 😉

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