are yonex voltric duora and nanoray series on their way out

Are Yonex’ Voltric, Duora and Nanoray series on their way out?

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But to me all that is just a marketing strategy.

Voltric to Astrox. At some point yes, Astrox is the current HH range model but they never been the same. Marketed as faster HH racket but never mention power drop in exchange for speed. It just trend setting by Yonex that a now standard is fast pace games not a power hunger games.

Arcsaber successor planned to be Duora but in the end it fail. Duora had its own characteristic that some like & dislike but in the end Duora itself had pass its era without successor…yet. While Arcsaber popularity still high, eventually they get back to the old arcsaber, add up some salt & papper here & there & release the next Arcsaber.

Thats what i tought.