Anybody tried Felet rackets?

There is no valid answer to this. Thing vary from people to people.

So does Yonex being the greatest brand own the best racket with the best material & the best tech? I would say big no. Is there better material to produce racket? Probably yes, can it produced with more advance tech to create way better product? Might be possible. But there is many aspect to be considered. For example :
1. why makes SSS quality product when S is more than enough.
2. Why use more expensive material or tech when regular material are fine. You wont buy a racket that priced 1000 USD right even if it can hold 50lbs & survive plane crash.
What important was when Yonex state S grade are OK, how Yonex can maintain its production to achieve this S grade product constantly. This where quality check takes its role. So specificly no brand would say his product are bad, they always claim no.1 even if it just stupid mineral water.

In general compare to other brand, does other had better quality? Can be if they set their standard higher. But can they produce it constantly? Thats the challange. Well all Yonex max tension never pass 30lbs yet other small brand dare to put 35 or even 40lbs. Is it better? You judge it yourself. It also possible that its marketing strategy to attract buyer. Afterall who even need 40lbs….

Last the ridicilous reason.
Some people are just had bad luck like my friend never had good experience with Asus (Notebook & Phone). Everytime he buy Asus, he always get bad product. Idk, maybe he makes a great sin to Asus owner on his life before this:eek:. So…. Does Asus good or bad? Ask my friend & he will say its a trash. For me, im fine with Asus.
Or some of my friend just hate Victor shoes coz it become slippery fast. My Victor Shoes, still in good shape & grippy. Little weardown on the sole, good looking upper. Just the glue start to giving up. Maybe im just fated with my SHA950CA, or…. The shoes name with my Feng Shui calculation fit my name & birthday:p. Idk….

So to answer it. You need to buy it, experience it, & judge it yourself:D