A couple of months ago, I bought these shoes for running/walking. I try to do it on my off-badminton days. After several walks, I felt that would be a good idea to try these shoes for badminton. So, I tried to do some shadow shots after walking and I felt OK. On to the actual trial…

I tried them for a game yesterday. I play doubles, intermediate level. I did 2 games yesterday, 1 was quite intense, and another was not that much. We don’t have a carpet court, it’s like plastic tiles (not rubber).

Stability was my first concern. I’m always afraid that non-badminton shoes will cause injuries to my ankle. But after 2 games (1 was quite intense), it performed well. Provided good stability, my feet only slipped once, I guess since the outer mesh was not that hard. But overall it’s better than mid-low-end badminton shoes. Ankle support was good so no worries there.

Grip was OK. Since I don’t play in carpet court, this is important. It performed well too, provided good grip to accelerate to shots, then get back from shots.

Cushioning was great. I love Ultraboost :) I was worried it would not provide a good recovery (the boost is too soft), but I had no problems.

The only problem with these shoes is it kinda squish your foot, which might be an issue if you have wider feet. It’s very tight. My right foot arc ached, I think it’s because of this.

I love the color and design… I got the white with orange/blue accents.

These are a good alternative if you don’t have access to high-end badminton shoes, like in some parts of the US.