Adding extra tension to centre main strings?

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Long story short…

My stringer moved to different city and I had to look for a new professional to string my 88D pro and TKFE.

Since I absolutely love my racquets and they made a big hole to my wallet, I carefully watched the string job and to my surprise stringer added +2 or +3lbs to centre main strings (29lbs), my usual tension is 27lbs.

When I asked him the reason behind it, he said strings at sweet spot moves alot and adding little more tension helps them to be in place. But why only to mains? Why not for crosses? He said he adds up +1 to cross strings and with that they are already tight enough.

Previous stringer always used to apply same tension across all mains (27lbs) and +1(28lbs) to crosses to keep the head shape.

Is this correct way of stringing? I haven’t played with the racquets yet. so, can’t share the feeling and other factors at the moment.