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20 Fastest SMASHES in Badminton — 74 Comments

  1. I remember seeing a 400km/h smash by Ko Sung Hyun when playing XD in the French Open against Fischer and Pedersen, it was crazy!

  2. I still remember, when BWF used average speed as their measurement method instead of initial speed like they do now, and people freaking out about numbers like 295km/h^^ Would’ve been really interesting to know, what numbers young Fu Haifeng and Lin Dan could achieve with the new method.

  3. Actually a lot of these smashes are biased in that the speed of a smash decreases dramatically if the distance needed to travel is long. Ex the same powered smash from mid court vs back court will appear faster based on kph( km per hour). Also, a same powered smash that travels steeper rather than flatter will also appear faster based on kph. Typically, the king of back court smashes would have to be Fu Hai Feng.

  4. The player which appeared the most was Goh V Shem!!! When he’s in top form, he is deadly…..hope he and his partner can regain their form in time for the World Championships.

  5. Yes…. I find it misleading actually. I liked the old system better. And trying to compare old players with new ones becomes impossible. Young Jung Jae Sung and Fu Haifeng… OUCH. I think their numbers would be off the charts.

  6. The sound of the smash, the sheer speed and the players hang time and uncoiled look are unmatched in a n y sport.Period, end of sentence, exclamation mark! B O O M!

  7. It records initial speed.
    That’s why its easy to rally in badminton, no spin, plus the deceleration on the shuttle is so extreme.

    No way would people ever see a shuttle if it averaged 400km/h in these smashes.

    For context, players in a tennis court almost 30m long, get aced when the initial speed is as low as 110-120mph if its well placed (175-190km/h).

    Also, 400km/h is 144metres per second. If the receiver in badminton is 5 or 10 metres away… thats less than 0.1 second between them hitting it and reaching your racquet…no-ones reaction time is 0.1 second lol.

    The shuttle decelerates, thats why we can rally. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to.

  8. I would very interesting to know how they measure these shuttle speeds during a rally. They use Radar in tennis and baseball because the ball is quite big and can be picked moving through the air quite easily, but radar is not so reliable on shuttle cocks. Anyone know how they measure it?

  9. P.S.- a 244mph smash…….is murderous…………a 265mph smash should be a felony assault charge, minimum….I get it.

  10. if not for the video being made recently, we would have seen Fu’s smashes everywhere. By the way, Goh V Shem is just an outstanding smasher

  11. you don’t say period after a period, and you don’t say “end of sentence” and then continue it. what is wrong with you? Also hang time in this sport is not unmatched, there is still volleyball, and there is still basketball.

  12. He doesn’t get out of the house much, cut him some slack…….zero, blank, the end! and another thing…….sorry, had to.

  13. Chye Heng while what you said was right, you totally forgot to take into account the initial horizontal speed. Smashes from the baseline, which tends to fall down vertically, has minimal speed to begin with and thus could generally be slower than smashes that are done by intercepting mid-court

  14. Alan Zhu the powerful back court and the world record holder is Tan Bon Heong..In court..or out side court.. he’s doing better..Just Type his name..And You will know who’s no.1..And for single maybe you’re not believe it.. It’s Lee Cong Wei.. he’s holder record for single player.. Actually don’t believe it..but.. it’s True..Just Type Tan Bon Heong,G.world record and the video will show you.. Enjoy the video..✌😎

  15. Could you imagine getting 399 kmh how frustrating that would be that you didn’t get 400

  16. Tan Boon Heong(Malaysia’s men doubles) have the most powerful smashes… he can smash up to 493km/h

  17. that’s under lab condition sponsored by yonex where all air flow is settled
    that would be different if he can achieved at official tournament

  18. Goh VS might have the best doubles smash I’ve ever seen. His form is literally perfect and he has some insane jumping ability

  19. Can we just talk about the reaction time of the guys that are defending? The speed is incredible

  20. Every sport is a sport until you play football for 90 minutes

  21. Why is it always Malaysian Lee C W, Goh n Tan is good in smashing. But now they rnt as good as they were. I miss the old Malaysian pair. Hope Teo Ee Yi, Ong Yew Sin, Aaron Chia, Lee Zi Jia and Soh can be our Malaysia’s future

  22. Shuba-Feen well tan was a great smasher but nowhere near Fu. Go look at the top smash in any tournament in the era of fu cai and lee jung. It was always fu first and jung second.

  23. I hope goh V shem get smashed by gideon on his face so badly 🙁 . Only fast shuttle but low technique. The best malaysian player is only LCW.

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  25. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the guy who attended Goh V Shem’s 402 Kph smash ? 🔥

  26. Its actually fault of the speed tracker machine……
    It cant give accurate measure

  27. @no name It wasn’t in a game precisely. In 2013 Yonex brought together TBH and LCW for the purpose of breaking the Guinness World Record for fastest badminton hit in what was also a “test” of Yonex Nanoray Z-Speed. Literally someone repeatedly feeding easy shots for the sole purpose if breaking the record. I’m certain if other players like Fu Hai Feng, Kokding or Goh V were participating the results may had been different

  28. @Jorge Sabori also the indoor conditions ,temperature, humidity were controlled,

  29. @Jack’s raging bileduct lol badminton singles takes equivalent stamina.

  30. This is why badminton is such a fast sport. If you think a smash is fast, defending one is even faster!

  31. not too hard if you are a pro badminton player, or have more than around 5 years of competitive playing

  32. @Michael Yu smash is easy to turn back once you get the game. But there’s only so many times

  33. 493km/h – Tan Boon Heong (Malaysia), 2013, current Guinness World Record.

  34. that speed produced from the racket hit the shuttle first. the shuttle will be slower when it reaching you on other side.

    420 kph = 116 m/s
    badminton lenght 13.4 m
    diagonal shot up to 20 m
    so you got 0.2s to react

  35. Bwf don’t accept it,but Guiness World record do accept it as the fastest smash

  36. It isnt really that much of a matter, as anticipation already brings you 70% there. The thing with those guys: Ut isnt about speed but about not being anticipated.
    Sometimes you perfectly are fine with +350 shots, sometimes you miss a 250 shot and wonder why.

  37. @F1 Radio Box I think 0.2 seconds is actually the exact reaction speed of an average human

  38. @Silent guardian wonder if anyone would have beat that record in the same room.. ohh let me guess, none of them…

  39. @Eason Low but you also need to factor in the time to position the racket and get in position to flick the wrist

  40. Besides having the fastest smash ever recorded in a game, Mads Kolding also has the fastest smash recorded in test conditions, as he smashed a whooping 503 kph back in 2017 – recorded by scientists from Aalborg University and Sportslab. The record was filmed and documented by TV2 Denmark.

  41. @braderico well not exactly.
    Mads Kolding has the fastest smash record, also in a test condition – a whopping 503kph back in 2017. recorded by scientists from Aalborg University and Sportslab. The record was filmed and documented by TV2 Denmark.

  42. @Amir Naim ups sorry, MINIONS baru aja menang German Open plus ditambah catatan 3 semifinalis Ganda Putra adalah dari Indonesia

  43. @HARIS WIJAYA upssss udah menang baru bisa berbunyi, sama kayak sepak bolanya kwkwkwk,siapa kitaaaaa???

  44. @Amir Naim apa harus menunggu kalah baru berbunyi? Pelik lah cara berpikir pakcik satu ni

  45. It’s so crazy how small the field looks on camera versus actually playing on it – insane how quick these guys move

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