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13 Worrying Events in Badminton — 58 Comments

  1. 2:39 just happened to me 3 day’s ago 😫the worst thing was when my back and my calf muscles gets cramp at the same time 😖

  2. Once i was got injured
    Now i realize that i will be try to careful for whenever i could play badminton
    Thank you sir shared for this knowledge

  3. Two years before while spiking volleyball I had a bad landing due to my opponent blocker entered our side of net. I got injured and my right Ankle ligaments got teared. It took nearly 6-7 months to get heal. Later In the middle of corona I started playing badminton, In couple of days I teared my ankle ligaments again. Between these injuries I gained from 72kg to 85 Kg. Now only I am resuming my badminton journey again after 2 years.!! Hoping for my fitness back and injury free games.!

  4. フォームに気を使ってケガしないようにストレッチとか徹底してるプロでもこうなるんだからスポーツって怖いよね

  5. It’s clear to see this game is built on high speed and super fast reactions. The problem with those two combinations is the mind will always be faster than the body and that then creates problems for the body.

  6. Good luck I used to have just had a tiny tear in the ankle ligament so I do get the pain, it’s fricking evil with weather change as well. With lots of painful physiotherapy massages brrrr

  7. I hurt my ankle playing volleyball in a similar way (jumped and it bent). Walked on it for a week or two. It was broken-

  8. Also speed means lots of strength, so if you hit someone at the speed of badminton, pain.

  9. @Mx_AidenNobody yeah also balancing your leg in the early morning straight away from the bed is very painful. you will feel more difficult to take the steps.

  10. @Karthi Keyan yeah I can relate I walked in the forest today and the surface wasn’t flat it was slanted and my bad ankle had to adjust, it was not happy with that and it has been almost 10 years after the incident.

  11. @Mx_AidenNobody I have few tips to get this better.! Incase if your weight is more, that will be the main problem while walking in different surface especially after your ankle injury. Try to reduce your weight by doing some compound excercise. One main point to be noted is Ankle get the power from your calf and thighs muscles. So don’t try to strengthen only your ankle, try to strengthen your entire lower body. Even though you got recovered better keep wearing these ankle supports especially when you are trekking or doing any hard moments. Hope you will get better soon!! Best wishes.

  12. Keep yourself hydrated. Take some electrolyte powder in water or Citrus fruit juice. Also don’t forget to do proper stretchs before your game, Also before game do proper warmup and after game do proper cooldown & stretching. Hope you will get better in your games and injury free

  13. This happened to me few years ago got serious ankle injury at that time I gave up playing badminton even i’m good at it

  14. @Karthi Keyan oh amazing tips thank you! And fast and good recovery to you too 🙂

  15. I mean, it’s really just basic lower leg injuries, you can expect those in any game with high speed moving and changing direction. Though the one where he cut his chin on the other guys shoe (I think) was surprising

  16. バドは1日に何時間もやるスポーツじゃないってコーチが言ってたけどこれ見て納得

  17. 大丈夫ですか?子孫残せますか?

  18. @arbuziec also jumping rope. My coach for basketball had us jump rope on both feet, right foot only, and then left foot only everyday single day for our pre-season. Haven’t twisted an ankle since then.

  19. My feet and ankles are the most pain tolerant part of my body and I always walk with my feet sideways, but I still feel bad for them.

  20. @猫戻木 多田野 無事だったけど非モテだから独身ルートまっさなかなのには変わりないンゴ……orz

  21. I only experienced these kind of things about 4 times,i played badminton for about 5 years,and it did really really hurt,but the pain will be gone after a few hours and i can play badminton again after a day,so it is hurt but its very rare for it to be fatal.

  22. Same I had an injury just a few weeks ago, when i was hitting or doing a top spin serve I always land on one foot and now it got the better of me.

  23. @Alex Palonsky yeah landing on one foot sucks. I’m a setter (I hit too sometimes) and sometimes when I jump up to do a setter dump I land on one foot and it twists

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  25. @InfernoYT yeh but the title says “13 worrying events”, I can guarantee this stuff has happened more than 13 times in badminton. Also this stuff isn’t worrying, the worst that will happen is an Achilles tendon rupture, and even then, the player will be back up and playing after 3 months.

  26. This is true, as a badminton player I get a lot of injuries from thinking farther before I can even move