~100 Hours to melt through a Yonex insole

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I bought a nice new pair of yonex cascade drive shoes on 24th June.

It’s now the 24th August and I have approximately 100 hours of court time with them. The left insole has a hole at the left big toe joint thing. It’s big enough for me to fit my finger or thumb through. The rest of the shoe is absolutely fine. Is this a normal thing to happen? It’s happened to my previous 4 pairs of shoes and only now did I work out it takes 2-3 months to happen.

I use a smellwell bag in each shoe after playing to reduce moisture / sweat and leave them out in the open when I get home (not zipped up in my badminton bag).

A club member suggested I go to a running shop and get a funny named gel insert. Is that a good idea to try?