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10 times LIN DAN destroyed other players — 47 Comments

  1. 10. Joachim Persson disappeared from international badminton thereafter
    9. Kenneth Jonassen is still trying to beat Lin Dan as a coach
    8. Chen Long was so sad after this match, helped him become Olympic champion
    7. Please dont start a comment war below about LD vs LCW
    6. Chou Tien C: “Lin Dan is the master of badminton.”
    5. The only consolation which Marc Zweibler took away from this match was Lin Dan’s wet t shirt (which was exchanged at the end of the match)
    4. Guo Kai became so disoriented after this, he could not convert 7 game points against LD
    3. Wang Zhengmin never got to play even one match after this in the Thomas cup 2014
    2. Merkle became famous because LD played this trick shot against him
    1. I still think LD let Peter Gade win in his farewell match.

  2. He was really fast in the past… And his smash was more technically and quickly… He was faster than many of players in the present. At the same time he has really cool game sense with his speed and power. And he made fewer mistakes than nowXD

  3. Youtube is short of reactions…I wanna react wow but i could hit the like button only thrice…What a player Lin Dan!!… All time favourite.. #GOAT #Legend

  4. Opponent: running around the court panting for breath
    Lin Dan: Taking a stroll as if the court is his garden 😁

  5. Bruce Lee is the greatest martial artist & Lin Dan is the greatest badminton player

  6. He’s a master. Everyone else is pegging it around the court, diving and sprinting. LD looks like he’s strolling around B&Q looking at paint samples!!!!

  7. Pumudu Madde shadow is footwork training.

    Basically moving around the court(6 direction) Its like shadow boxing; fighting an invisible opponent.

  8. Lin Dan and LCW came face to face about 40 times,Lin Dan won 28 of them ,A legend is always a legend.

  9. Yes lin dan destroyed most players that came across him. But there was only one player that pushed him to the limit and that was lee chong wei 😂🔥

  10. @Hari loser will make any claim.. lindan dont play for competitive for one whole year.. imagine…

  11. Only players from Denmark like Viktor axelsen and Peter Gade could intimidate Lin dan i think he was a talented player who worked hard and became the most celebrated man in badminton history damn he stays so calm in the court like he owns it no fear 🔥🔥

  12. @Lou Ong i think Lin dan has lots of talent but lacks a bit on hard work that’s why he developed a feeling of entitlement

  13. @Xtasy604 ngl u know lcw vs lin dan is probably one of the best matches to watch and I thought on Rio Olympic lcw did beat lin dan no?

  14. @Toni Ton at that point the only one who wanted it, was LCW with no olympics golds

  15. New legend is coming deep anjan singh better than lee Chong Wei and Lin dan

  16. @Jensen Masao No…it was due to the Chinese host suddenly switching off the air conditioner…Even when LCW’s coach request for them turn the air-con back on, they still refused to do so. Hence it was so hot that LCW got a cramp. It wasn’t due to Lin Dan’s ability.

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