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10 Simple Practices To Improve Your Doubles Game – Badminton Training — 27 Comments

  1. Hopefully you can add these practices into your next training session to help you improve your doubles game – no matter if you are a beginner or advanced player! 🏸 Remember it’s important to practice consistently, and with quality and purpose if you want to make the biggest improvements 📈
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  2. Thanks so much u guys, Your timing is always perfect as I have a badminton tournament starting next week. Really appreciate all the effort and work towards the consistency of videos.

  3. Great content guys!! Funnily enough, this isn’t too far off in terms of what I do when teaching and training, will definitely take on board with the mid-court drills as I don’t do them enough. I would love to see practices that involve 3,4 and even 5 people on the court, as it can be just as fun and effective. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks for the 10 practices!
    And congratulations on integrating your sponsor smoothly and subtly. Many content creator just throw the thing in the viewer’s face, which usually triggers frantical ‘skip 10 seconds’ on my side…

  5. This video confirms to me what I already knew. I lift way too much. Rather than risking playing the net or getting to the shuttle early enough to push it, I’ll do a high lift to get out of trouble. I rely on my defense too much, which I get away with at the level I currently play. But I would get pumelled at the higher level.

    Do you two offer in person coaching, or are you too busy with YouTube and full time training? I bet you could charge a premium over others in your area based on your channel alone.

  6. Hi! Could you do a tutorial about cross court net shot on both the forehand and backhand? I believe your videos would help us all greatly!

  7. I have been absent from court following a family bereavement.
    Any practical advice on how to slowly get back into the groove. I played for 1 hour earlier in the week but was sluggish, mistiming shots etc.

  8. That’s good to hear! You can do these practices with 3 people as we mentioned in the video. If you have 4 people 2 people can feed and 1 person can work and then the other can work whilst they rest.

    We will also we showing doubles routines in the future which have 4 and 5 players on the same court

  9. Believe me guys. 10th exercise (net reaction) benefits a lot. Also, it’s very good way to warm up before match.

  10. Can you guys make a video on court lines for serve and after serve, for both singles and doubles??

  11. Thank you Greg and Jenny for sharing these great practices ! Like many of us said before, the last exercise is soooo effective ! Being able to defend calmly at the net and not lifting everytime is so powerful at my level. Love you guys ! Cheers ! <3

  12. packed with helpful practice advice. even if you’re familiar with these exercises the execution and emphases are very helpful. lay off, loopy, and turns are UK-specific terms. dont worry! they dont mean anything embarrassing in the US, though they could give those of us from across the pond a little pause. lay-off seems be an efficient way of saying, come to mid-court and play the net area. in china, where i train and play, it’s called fang wang (放网). thanks for a beautifully produced, compact, and helpful video. i think the best feature is that we see you on the court doing while you are explaining, and the more footage we see of you guys working, the better the viewing experience is– cuz it’s great fun to watch you guys practice and play

  13. Jenny’s jump smash 👍👍I love practice #4 mid court control great tips thank you

  14. the box game looks interesting but I already have bad lifts where I keep lifting short, so im a bit worried it’ll make my habit worst

  15. Thanks for this. I have my 2 final tournaments(cities and districts) so this helped a lot for me

  16. Jenny and Greg, what about the intensity of these drills… how long between switching players ? 2-4 minutes ?! Really am curious about your programs actually, how it looks like and written out in detail…

  17. OMG. I cant tell you how useful these will be! We always run out of ideas in our drill sessions and these are perfect. Thank you!

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