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10 MOST FAMOUS Badminton Trick Shots — 58 Comments

  1. Every time I see Sam Parsons smash return, I can’t believe it’s real 4:44 . Always looking forward to these videos, thanks!!

  2. When I started playing badminton I was so impressed by Gade’s flick deception (#5) and Taufik’s backhand smash, I spent hours trying to learn these two skill. I learnt backhand smash, but I did never quite understand the complex flick of Gade’s. I think I have only pulled it off correctly 2 3 times, but stll did not really understand how I did it.

  3. True …..Peter Gade’s 5th shot was awsome …..i will put it at the 1st position ……it is most deceptive one👍🏻

  4. I think number 3 and number 2 are the most incredible. The timing and skill involved are mind-boggling.

  5. yeah that shot was fucking disgusting lmao, I ran out of my room for a good min and came back to watch it again xD

  6. In badminton all countries have a legend ” so proud because badminton can make somebody have a smile … 👍

  7. Legends all of them, makes me proud to see so many danish players in top 10.
    Watching Peter Gade play badminton is like art.

  8. Sam Parsons doesn’t look surprised of his defensive shot !!! ahah
    Beautiful video it’s amazing to see this level of badminton, great skills and legendary points !!

  9. Fred Es Would you then like to see Goh V shem’s smash too?
    The difference here is that the backhand actually has use in a match

  10. He knew that the other guy can only smash straight forward.
    But this is still incredible.

  11. I actually did that recently because there wasn’t no way I was going to react to the shuttle and I just had to sit down to contemplate what I did to the person I was playing against

  12. Great stuff! I love watching racket sport highlights. They all have such amazing action.

  13. #6 seems to be quite easy. Similar to what a classmate of me did when we were in highschool, a few decades ago. Apparently, he was no. 5 of the country in his age category and I was just a camping player… 🤣

  14. @Khang Ngọc Chung Nguyễn try to put people down by belittle what they can do
    It’s show that you have bully mindset ,you are kind of person who doesn’t to see other people succeed

  15. 4:33 There’s no way he should have predicted that, pure instinct & brilliance.

  16. @DK’s Fieldnotes Lee Zii Jia belongs up there too since he is on the rise.

  17. Have to admit his calculation was supported by sheer of luck, nonetheless very beautiful trickshot