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【バドミントン】狂ったディフェンス Top20 ( 桃田賢斗 周天成 リーチョンウェイ リンダン アクセルセン アントンセン ギンティン リージージャー ) — 68 Comments

  1. Yup, no jokes, LCW defences what made him LEGEND. But the last one are ridicilous, come on.. 👍👍👍

  2. Reporter: how can you be the no 1 world
    Momota: Wait until LCW retired

  3. I miss lcw, lin dan. At the same time i miss iskandar. He could be a big star if hes not always haunted by his injury. I hope lee zii jia will rise back

  4. Watching lee chong wei is like watching neymar or ronaldinho in badminton. Full of weird skill. Lin Dan feel like CR of badminton. The strength, aura, charisma and also very skillful.

  5. We all will missed seeing the Legend Lee Chong Wei. He truly are badminton icon.

  6. lee chong wei is way too good no one can compare to him,even then he is the most humble badminton player ever

  7. @Ex Calibur still butt hurt with all England. Move on. There are other competition.

  8. @Ex Calibur indonesian team got banned due to covid 19 test, some of their player positive for covid. then people like her do that stupid comment . just move on indon

  9. I miss the old times where we can watch badminton in a huge number of crowds together while giving support to the player🥺😢😭

  10. @reddish hot there are always the salty indonesian losers who claim everything while the gold below the soil are the nice people who dont get called INDOGNESIA ALL THE TIME.

  11. @Arivindharan Balakrishnan actually LCW is not from the earth…he was carried by adudu to beat boboiboy to steal sphere power….😆

  12. @Eko why do you keep pasting this same comment everywhere ?? It’s not even funny

  13. Lin Dan is probably best in efficiency, speed, power and overall performance. But for me, LCW really brought out the beauty of badminton.

  14. Miss the days whenn LCW and Lindan outplaying every badminton player alive

  15. Im gonna miss seeing Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei on the same court. The most awaiting match ever.

  16. Look at them, they can be on the ground and up on feet so quickly. That’s the spirit!

  17. The LZJ one was so cool tho, was a shame he didn’t managed to save the last one again. If he did everyone would have went crazy.

  18. never thought abt this but malaysian style of badminton is more on defence, they’re so good at it

  19. 1:08 ahahah whats that i think Chongwei didn’t expect the shuttlecock to go over the net xDD even Chenlong was amused ahhaha
    Seeing this i can clearly see LCW is good in defense play and LD in attacking play. That is why they go so well together. A perfect training and rival buddies.

  20. @Waiz remember his coach, that teach him 80% of his skill. Misbun siddek, he also a legend in badminton. And his siblings.

  21. @Sean Lee lee zii jia start 2018 and he already destroy rank 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 now..and now he ranks 8th..soon he will be a star like lcw and lin dan..just won the All-England ?..you should wait and see dude

  22. @dini wasilah the fact is Lin Dan is better than him, from all the meet between two of them, Lin Dan’s victories are more than Chong Wei

  23. @Andrew Cannon I know I’m late but this comment is funny af..”You BOLEH”?? ahahahahhahaha Learn the language properly if you want to insult us..you just made my day. Thank you so much. 😀

  24. @Wakame장미 im here late too.just funny how he use “boleh” to insult malaysian 😂😂😂 wkwkwk

  25. @Notnot lol yea, even you can win LCW and Lin Dan undoubtedly, smart people enjoy while ‘smart’ people compare

  26. @Afif Atmam ‘Boleh’ it’s not an insult but a compliment..what a loser la this guy XD

  27. @Aisyah Nabila well えぐいdoesn’t mean ugly the way it was used in many situations. Most of the time it means tough, strong, or the meaning like ridiculously sugoi. Try not to translate word by word and ended up like misunderstanding just because you don’t know japanese.

  28. @Rivaldy Fauzan what? This is on the another level of mistranslation. Please never translate anything if you don’t know how the word was used. He just mean lee chong wei is so strong. Japanese used the word えぐいin many situations. “この試合はえぐい” The match is so tough. “今回のテストはえぐい” The test is so difficult. As you see the word never had only one meaning, just like やばい yabai. Non-japanese not understanding Japanese and blamed the Japanese creator. This is really embarassing.

  29. @Rivaldy Fauzan You would never trust google translate… since it never consider real-life speech or like modern slangs. If its result turns out to be weird or something then it’s wrong.

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