yonex arcsaber 11

Yonex Arcsaber 11

Who says the ArcSaber 10 is discontinued? ArcSaber still has some years left compared to the other two being introduced in 2007 only vs 2003 Armortec and 2004 NanoSpeed …

Since they are in the retro mode it has been mentioned it could be a throwback naming scheme in the line of Aerotus 110 and Super Iso 11 …

Not sure what to make of this, doesn’t even appear to say “11” [​IMG], but maybe someone can dig up the thread it originally came from on badmintoncn … [saved you the trouble ;) http://bbs.badmintoncn.com/viewthread.php?tid=314873]


[found on AT700, along with http://www.badmintoncentral.com/for…yers-and-their-racquets?p=2017506#post2017506]

Hope they come out with some NS9900 Premium actually and a better paintscheme than the lollipop before they bid it farewell :cool:.