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World’s Most Ridiculous Badminton Match! — 36 Comments

  1. We hope you all enjoyed this different and quite silly video – we had a lot of fun filming it 😆 We will be back next Sunday with the usual (more serious and more helpful!) badminton tutorials 🏸

  2. Lets go i was waiting for this one thank you for providing us great content every week

  3. I loved watching this video, definitely want to see more of these fun videos along with the educational ones :). Loved the outfit from Jenny as well

  4. Another great video.
    8:53 Greg, I thought you’d mastered the round the back shot last week 😂
    Low string tension? Started playing in the early ’80’s: Aluminium rackets strung at 19lbs. Also useful as a butterfly net.

  5. This is the funniest + most entertaining video I’ve ever watched 😂 The skill you both have is awesome – especially the casual one at 10:20 😲

  6. A really entertaining and a fun video… Looking forward to see more tutorials and matchday videos. Thank you

  7. I’m glad that I found this channel
    really entertaining and yet thankful for all the great tutorials. I love the positive energy of you guys too.

  8. Thank you so much! Yep we’ll be back with the more useful videos next week haha!

  9. Haha thank you so much 😄 We will try to do more in the future if people enjoy it!

  10. this is honestly really entertaining, also just loved seeing you two play!, more of this please!

  11. Really out of the box ! Fantastic…that was funny and I can’t stop smiling after a few shirts and both of you getting bigger. Thumbs up !

  12. Such an entertaining video! Would be super fun seeing you guys playing badminton on volleyball court

  13. Loved the video! It was really entertaining to watch. One question though, how long did it take you guys to take off everything 😂. Regardless, thanks for the upload!

  14. This was so funny and entertaining to watch! Will you do a serious match with basic rules and no challenges between the two of you, because that would be really interesting as well.

  15. This video was so innovative and fun, was holding my tea cup for 11 minutes straight without sipping once 😂.

  16. Glad you enjoyed it Kai 😆 Haha, at least 10 minutes… I (Jenny) actually didn’t realise just how many t-shirts I had on and I went home with 3 t-shirts still on 😂

  17. Haha thank you so much! We’ve had a few people suggest that from this video so we’ll add it to the list 😄

  18. Wow wow wow 🔥🔥🔥🔥 that trickshot rally was opiest one I really loved this video thanks for taking our challenges and entertaining us 🙏
    Also loved Greg’s strings asmr

  19. Awesome vid! Great strat by Greg to lull you into a false sense of security lol! After playing county many years ago you guys have made me hungry to get back into competitive tourneys! Although I am mega unfit now for sure! Thank you for great tips and advice but making this accessible for all people! One day I hope to at least give you guys a knock 😁💪🤘

  20. Have you guys done a video on improving the strength of your backhand? It’s an area of the game I’m struggling in atm.

  21. That looked like ridiculous fun!
    Gives me an idea for our end of season club session!

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