Singles: Controlling the net?

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I have heard the term “control the net” in doubles. But I have not heard the term in singles , I’m not sure if anybody here has?

I have played more doubles to than singles so I may be wrong..

When I have heard the term used it has been in doubles and there you sometimes have the two partners in what is called an attacking position. The front one often only has to concern themselves with the net. And then they can really “control” it, or try to. ‘cos they don’t have to cover the rear court. (Sometimes the front player might take care of some area of the rear court so I’m not sure to what extent the term “controlling the net” applies there). But often the front player is just taking care of the front. And then they are certainly said to be controlling the net. Or at least that’s what they should be doing or trying to do, if that’s the only area they have to cover!

In singles you certainly can’t really dominate just half or eg just the front half of the badminton court.

Who have you heard using the term and what was the context in which they used the term… Did they use the term outside of the context of doubles?