Rare classics: 3x Li Ning N7 1st edition – EU/Germany

Hi guys & girls, I would like to sell 3 Li Ning N7.

It’s a real classic as the N7 & N9 were designed for the comeback of Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng to Li Ning after their Kason vacation.

It’s a model which had & has many fans and which is hard to find right now (at least in Europe).

The N7 was used by Zheng Siwei in the time he rose from a talented junior to the world’s best mixed player.

And the N7 was the sword swung by Shi Yuqi when he axed Kento Momota 21:12, 21:11 (at a time when Kento was on top of his game) in the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2018.

Li_Ning_N7_Siwei.jpg shi-yu-qi-smash.jpg

Racket no. 1 is in 6.5/10 condition. It has some paint chips but there are NO structural damages or cracks. Please see pics for the details.

It is strung with a pink BG80 11,5 kg but could need a new string job in near future ;)

Asked price: 75€
Li Ning N7_1_complete_1.jpg
Li Ning N7_1_cover_1.jpg
Li Ning N7_1_chip_1.jpg
Li Ning N7_1_chip_2.jpg
Li Ning N7_1_chip_3.jpg

Racket no. 2 is in 8.5/10 condition. It only has 2 small paint chips as shown in the following pics.

It is strung with a Aoribite 11,5 kg and the current string job has still some good life in it ;)

Asked price: 95€
Li Ning N7_2_complete_1.jpg
Li Ning N7_2_head_1.jpg
Li Ning N7_2_head_2.jpg