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Ranking History of Top 10 Badminton Players (2009-2019) — 96 Comments

  1. Lee Chong Wei is in the GOAT conversation, but most people would say Lin Dan is the GOAT. He has more accolades and a higher Win/loss ratio than Lee Chong Wei. The ranking system is based on point accumulated, and Lee Chong Wei has a higher participation rate than Lin Dan thus he is always ranked at the top. Players from team China often need to compete with each other to get a spot at major international competitions such as the olympics therefore they tend to be slightly better than what their ranking indicates.

  2. just look how great LCW comebacks after his reputation down due to dopping fail

  3. yeah, i think the doctor gave him some medication that had an illegal substance.
    That’s why lee chong wei went down to 150 in the ranking or somewhere near that number.

  4. A couple of years ago, Lin Dan was asked by a journalist something about finding a parallel to the Federer-Nadal rivalry in Badminton. His slightly paraphrased answer: “I don’t know about Nadal and Federer. In badminton, there is only Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei.” 🙂

  5. Seeing Dato’ Lee Chong Wei in the top spot for most of the video…
    A true legend
    Very consistent

  6. Lin Dan also had a comeback in 2013 – he stopped badminton for almost a year, then got a wild card for the World Championships and then went on to win the title omg

  7. Sorry for fighting Lee Chong Wei alone from year to year, there are no more Malaysian players who can enter the top 10. This is very sad. Now the Malaysian boy underachiever is just creative at tik tok.

  8. Every non-malaysian agrees that Lin Dan is the best in the era of LD, LCW, Taufik, and Gade. LCW lost the majority of his encounters to LD. You can’t disregard or even compare 2 gold olympic medals + 5 world champion titles with smaller tournaments. No matter how many smaller tournaments you won they won’t amount to the legacy of having won 2 olympics + 5 world championships. If you think LCW is better than LD, I’m sure you are malaysian cause you’re blinded by nationalism and can’t accept the truth.

  9. badminton without lee chong wei and lin dan is just not right, we need this rivalry forever 😭

  10. He’s (LCW) already announce his retirement today (13 Jun 2019). Very sad. True legend in this sport! 😢

  11. Hari ini Datuk Lee Chong Wei telah mengumumkan persaraannya. Terima kasih atas jasa. He’s true legend.

  12. Chong Wei & Lin Dan rivalry just like Messi & Ronaldo in football. One win the most all tournament. One also but never win the gold olympic medal. Same here as Messi never win any of trophy for his country.

  13. i’m proud with dato LCW…say what you want keyboard warriors,i don’t even care…he’ll always be the longest no 1 in history..and you can’t change the history

  14. @Aaron Aaron Few Malaysians would question LD’s greatness. If the head-to-head figures are to be compared, it is more like Scissors-Paper-Stone. Take Viktor Axelsen for instance. LD:VA=3:5. LCW:VA=11:3. You shouldn’t disregard those figures if you want to be totally impartial. I think the players from China tend to reserve their energy and skills for the biggest tournaments.

  15. @Marko Dalbello because he healthy not good😭😭😭

    But I’m so happy because I’m training badminton with Lee Chong Wei

  16. 5:30 LCW- I’m going to rest for while
    7:01 LCW- Good to be back
    9:14 LCW- I wanna rest at home. So bye.

  17. Jojo mah cukup taufik hidayat. Kento momota kelihatan cocok tuh soalnya juara konsisten kayak LCW

  18. @Aaron Aaron I think your conscience is blinded. Sorry, i’m not malaysia. But, i support LCW because if you complained about his 3-times silver olympic games then it’s part of achievement since he never got eliminated from every 4-year olympic games. On the other side, LCW still could sweep away mostly young badminton players, but why LD couldn’t anymore? LCW even got better in 2018 after 2017 wasn’t his best record.

  19. Sshimi you can substract the tennis, its not as popular as football and badminton… Just 2 of it..

  20. @Astral Conjurer i think bcz that time the copetition is so hard. LCW, Taufik H., Lin Dan , Peter Gade, Bao chun lai etc.
    Now Kento Momota gets not a really strong competitors.

  21. Ying it’s a matter of time till this sport will be polarised between China and India. Everyone else will be wondering what happened

  22. Lee Chong Wei retired now but he still my idol and all Malaysian and he still a Legend

    Thank You LCW

  23. @Shiv Sai Yeah of course. But here we are talking about achievements exclusively.

  24. @Chris I picked Axelsen because had it not because of his injury, he might well be the best player at the time of writing. We can pick most other top players, from Chen Long to ShiYuqi to Momota, we will see the same thing — a scissors-paper-stone relationship. The facts speak for themselves. If a just comparison is to be made, we need to give credits where credits are due. There is nothing to feel hurt about.

  25. @Kabu SAR badminton is not popular sport, it is leved D, but tennis level A.. And one of 5 popular sport in the world

  26. @Yoga Aditya ya but the rivalry between chong wei and lin dan is like cr7 vs messi rivalry. There are few others legend, but this legendary rivalry is come to the end.

  27. People won’t remembering you for being ranked 1, you will lived in people’s memories when you winning gold medal of major events or winning the major trophies

  28. @Nugroho Ramadhan yes I can’t change it, so? Did I mention winning Olympic? No, lol from your name you’re an Indonesian, back off, haters always find a way to hate

  29. @Kanashimi Gaming Betul tu, indon ni semua benda dia nak dengki😂😂
    Tak faham apa masalah diorang…
    Toksah layan la bro, dislike kan aje..

  30. Rick Saw Dominator stop comparing LCW with Super Dan. He is a loser , with 0 major titles.

  31. Football is teamwork. You can’t compare two players directly. Badminton is one on one. LCW is a loser. Period

  32. @Saitama tak de dengki pun aku tengok, dia kan cakap fakta. Dan mengapa kalian marah?

  33. Aditya Wardana OLIMPIADE Is bullshit. The right way you need to say is Olympics. Nah bye baij

  34. Aditya Wardana and last. Cina malaysia bisa apa ? Cina malaysia bisa harumkan nama malaysia from 2000-2019. That all tq !

  35. we as Malaysian citizens will never ask for more. We don’t care about gold medal since he is our one and only talented badminton player. We have to relian on him to fight other biggest country, now he’s already written in badminton history as a legend. that we never expect from the beginning. He is our hero, our pride.

  36. @Yuwawira Ina Putra messi ???no champion world cup…so do you thing must win big compotition?

  37. @Jackson yong it’s different dude, messi is good in Barcelona but not really in their national team, I say about “major event”, mostly LCW only can win in minor event not big competition, so that is why they has good ranking for playing in minor event

  38. @Yuwawira Ina Putra dengki latuu Indon bukan no 1 hahahaha njirr iri bilang

  39. @Muhammad nazhan Jaafar kalau no. 1 itu mesti harus ada prestasi kat major event, LCW hanya ada prestasi kat minor event, kalau nak tengok pemain badminton no. 1 kat dunia tu memang lin dan, sdngkan taufik hidayat berjaya pada tahun 90s tapi pemain Indonesia masih hebat sampai sekarang, lin dan tetap no. 1 bro LCW selalu kalah lawan dia

  40. @Yuwawira Ina Putra 😂😂😂 kelakar la kau ni dah ii tkyh berangan

  41. @Muhammad nazhan Jaafar fakta tak nak Terima, sila tengok medal comparison, lin dan, LCW, taufik hidayat, atau player lain, 90s era taufik sdngkan 2000 era lin dan, percuma skor tinggi tapi hanya juara kat minor event, LCW mana ada gelar juara kat World Championship, Olympic, dan liga besar lain karna dia hanya mampu kat minor event je 😁😁

  42. You guys just like those annoying kids.
    You guys fight who did better without realise that you(yourself) did nothing to your country,STOP IT

  43. @Al-Amir dia legendary player tahun 90an tapi walau dah tua boleh kalahkan lin dan kat tahun 2000an sebelum akhirnya dia berhenti jadi pemain badminton, kau kalau compare mana ada LCW menang olympic atau worldchampionship macam taufik hidayat dan lin dan, LCW hanya hebat kat minor event je, walau dah guna chinese pon malaysia tetap lemah

  44. @Yuwawira Ina Putra Yang majukan indon itu tiongkok bangsa jawa indon itu perompak… Miskin

  45. @Muhd Hafizudin LOL justru itu Malaysia tengok semua company, aset, kekayaan, property, e-commerce, adakah melayu punya?? Forest city build by china, Even grab pon pembuatnya adalah Chinese malaysia dan sekarang dia pindahkan basisnya ke singapore dan jadi milik singapore bukan Malaysia 😂🤣🤣

  46. @イウオチモニ lol Indonesia dah adakan MotoGP di tahun 1996-1997, dan skrg akan jadi tuan rumah lagi di tahun 2021 dengan sirkuit baru 😁

  47. @イウオチモニ negara yg ngaku kaya tapi Malaysia jadi top illegal worker kat Australia, tak tahu malu juga ke LOL 😂😂🤣

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