Panda Power: A Racket That Can Take 40lbs. String Tension!

I’ve been working with a racket manufacturer, just tinkering with racket design. After some brain storming, dialogue and input, they created a racket that can take 40lbs. string tension with a warranty of up to 36lbs.!

I received the prototypes today and just finished stringing up a racket, let’s call it the “Thunder”, at 35lbs. with absolutely no problems. The amazing thing is, the racket is only 85.5g dry weight (no string, with original grip, no plastic wrap)!

Here are the specs:
Panda Power “Thunder”
BP: 290-295
Dry Weight: 85.5g
Frame Shape: Modified Isometric Aero Power Box Frame
String: Ashaway Micro Power XL @ 35lbs.
Shaft: APT Technology (“Anti-Panda Tapered Technology”): 8mm at the cone tapering to 6.5mm

I would have strung the racket higher but I don’t have any BG65 or BG70Pro and didn’t know how high MP-XL could go, that’s why I “only” went 35lbs.

I’m going to test the racket out tonight and if OK, maybe, just maybe produce it. :p