Need opinions on stringing situation

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I recently strung a friend’s racket, but before stringing the racket I was changing the grommets. When changing one of the share grommets near the 2 o’clock region I notice that it looks like the string that was previously on the racket dung into the frame of the racket (picture is tagged in the post). I let him know about the damage and we talked about the stringing situation regarding the racket. We agreed that I would still continue to string his racket, but upon finishing stringing his racket I notice that the racket head shape looked lopsided. If you look at the other picture I included in the post I feel like the right side, the side with the damaged grommet, looks further away from the center of the racket versus the left side. Can I get your opinions on the situation? Can a damaged grommet really warp the frame of the racket? Did I do something wrong when stringing? I would like as much feedback as possible, this situation is stressing me out more than it should I think.

Some more information: I strung the racket with bg65ti, 24 lb on the main and 26 lb on the cross. I followed Yonex’s stringing pattern and referenced one of their stringing videos where I drop the tension back to 24 lb on the cross for the last 5 rows.