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Lin Dan (CHN) v Lee Chong Wei (MAS) – Men’s Badminton Singles Final | London 2012 Olympics — 92 Comments

  1. watching this match for the 4th time, still pretending not to know who will win 😀 haha

  2. The commentator’s comments in the end cracked me up.  One man’s joy leaves him on the floor, and another man’s despair leaves him…on the floor.  LOL. xP

  3. This was such a memorable match for Malaysians. Even Chong Wei didn’t win, this match brought Malaysians of all ages and races to sit and watch together at restaurants, ‘mamaks’ and other places where the tv was tuned to this match. Chong Wei is retiring and looking at the current malaysia badminton scene, there’s nobody left to win us the gold medal in 2016.

  4. I’m a Malaysian, of course I will favour to LCW, but fact is fact, Lin Dan is the best badminton player ever. Perfect player.

  5. I miss those days when Lin Dan, Taufik Hidayat, Peter Gade, Lee Chong Wei were in their prime. Now they are all retired, except LCW. Once LCW retire, badminton will never be the same. I bet a lot of people miss these big 4.

  6. This is probably the best final match in the Olympics history but not the highest level of badminton. Lin Dan in Olympics 2008 in fact played the highest level of badminton in other professionals’ opinions and my opinion.

  7. @Jimmy jim Its 1-2 not 1-3. And Viktor doesnt have any experience in the Olympics so we dont know how we he will do just like LD in olympics 2004 or Chen Long in WC 2011. But LD still have to be in good form or he wont even get to the semi-final.

  8. +Jimmy jim u think in olympic lindan is gonna play like how he played in ss..dont underestimate the 2x olympic champion. experience and mental strength is much more than physical in major tournament

  9. +Mens xx Not underestimating him but LD has never been as inconsistent as he is now even in Superseries. Its the obvious sight that age is catching up to him. Im not saying that he cant win the Olympics but if he want to win it, he will have to play a more attacking game, not the way he’s playing now.

  10. Lin Dan is just too mentally strong, that’s why he’s so clutch!

  11. Mental strength and improvisation plays a big role when the competition reach this level. It appears to me LD plays with more wit and tricks that somewhat confounded LCW.

  12. You see the moment when a service point is overruled at 5-8. He immediately received the ball into the net followed by two laid-back reactive hitting. He is not so level-headed under pressures while LD is kind of provoked by pressures and constantly building it up on opponents.

  13. He is so close to winning this one, but after 16-18 he plays bit conservative. That is the difference when these two take a lead over another.

  14. if lee chong wei emerge at another time and another generation, this man could become the ultimate legend and probably never being beaten at almost every tournament… but too bad he’s at the same generation with probably the greatest ever human being ever hold a badminton racquet lin dan!

  15. i am malaysian. but in term of the love of badminton. i must agree that lin dan is the legend. he is the best of the best.

  16. if li chong wei era has no lin dan, i am sure he can win all the above price, sadly this is his destiny for having lin dan always be his final enemy and he cannot overcome

  17. James Smith I don’t get what point you are trying to prove to me. My point was simple. Lin Dan and lee Chong Wei are great players. No one here should belittle them. What both players have to go through to reach this level. Before calling someone trash, take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

  18. So agree with you, Q Pham. I think so, one of the greatest level of LD was at Olympic Beijing 2008 final against LCW, that was Awesome.

  19. I’m a Chinese and my favorite player has always been LCW. Do you think we Chinese fan will be happy if LCW is retiring and we don’t have obstacles to win? That’s a big NO. We are so grateful that LCW present us these amazing games, many of us actually don’t care who wins the game, we are just so blessed to watch them play as a fan.

  20. @Wings Gaming fans he said “nobody left for us to win medal in 2016 ”
    read it carefully

  21. After watching alot of lin dan matches…
    Lin dan played seriously only with LCW….
    Shows how much respect they have for each other

  22. We’re proud of LCW, heartbroken because of stupid corrupt shameless politicians

  23. I’m from Malaysia. Our hero Dato’ Lee Chong Wei has announced his retirement from badminton yesterday, June 13th 2019 after an illustrious 19-year career. The term “Dato'” is an honourable title awarded to Chong Wei. In 2012 the whole of Malaysia tuned in to watch this match. It was a very emotional match to us. He did not fail us for not getting the gold. But he brought us together as a nation. This man is our hero. Thank you for taking Malaysian badminton to the Olympics, Chong Wei! You’re the gold in every Malaysians hearts.

  24. Who’s here after Lee Chong Wei’s retirement?

    Props to Lee Chong Wei for the 19 years of spectacular badminton.

  25. @Miles Chan they wanted 4 from different nations but too bad lin dan is better. Chen long is definitely at their level

  26. tbh lindan already retired..
    he just play.. his determination already gone…

    sama kayak taufik 2-3 thn sebelon resmi pensiun sbnrnya ud pensiun itu

  27. @absolutiontheory98 , just based on head to head records and major title won, only one conclusion… Lin Dan is simply better than lcw

  28. @Skywalker CFC , Hahaha.. get your facts right.. just based on head to head record.. lcw is Behind Lin Dan.. 13 to 26..

  29. Lin dan used to play seriously against hidayat too, but soon after hidayat married his wife his performance drop significantly

  30. bcoz lindan has less pressure and he will play better.. at the meanwhile lcw is the only player for the country

  31. If LCW plays his best,
    No one in the world can match his game even with any other’s best

  32. I totally agree with you….way way stronger than LCW. Noone can deny LCW as one of the great badminton players n the world. But, look how mentally weak he was when compete in Olympics and World Champs, the two major competion. LD was not always the one who defeated LCW in those two competion, so the problem is himself. And he was the only player whom Malaysian always rely on.

  33. @M Nur Taufik Malaysian didn’t watch properly. If they see properly they will notice what you’ve said

  34. I don’t think so. LCW is victimized by China tactical game and not the technical aspects. LCW in technical aspect is more better than Lin Dan.

  35. @Anupam Gatta Lee Chong Wei[to badminton is what Lionell Messi to football.

  36. Also Hidayats performance decreased due to another factor, which is his back injury

  37. Today, about a year after Lee Chong Wei’s retirement. Lin Dan has announced his retirement as well, marking the end of the greatest era of badminton.

  38. They are both legends, I’m Chinese and I gotta say I sometimes feel bad for Lee, he could have won so much more if he had been in another time

  39. July 4th 2020: Lin Dan announces his retirement , the greatest era in badminton rivalries is over, I repeat it’s over

  40. @丁祥奇 林丹 李宗伟 两位带给中国马来西亚 国民无数个精彩 球赛 真的很谢谢他们

  41. Lin Dan also retired some weeks ago. This brought his end to around 20 years career.

  42. i guess this dual has won over 50% of all major championship titles from late 2000s to late 2010s

  43. and Malaysia badminton in Olympics is still the second best, quite an achievement

  44. Skywalker CFC I know you love LCW, you can bring up as many as excuses as you want, but illusion in your head won’t change the fact that LD is the greatest of all time, no matter is from the perspective of glory or their battle records

  45. Brian Liu ye, i Think it’s really Big for Lee, he probably had a lot of pressure. I think they both are Legends and amazing!

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