Launcher Shuttlecock – Baddy – Cheap – Open Source

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Hello R20190, thanks for your post!

You’re right, despite our effort to keep the lowest price for the campaign, BADDY is not yet affordable for everyone. We plan to create an ultra low cost DIY version for emerging market (see Baobad association in Madagascar – first club supported by BADDY everywhere – initiative to help clubs from emerging countries willing to develop badminton locally), but to enable this, we need the campaign to be successful.

As of today, BADDY has limitations (see Kickstarter page for exhaustive list). Issue is not with power, but rather with the wheels material/design not transmitting enough energy to the shuttle (thus one of the reason BADDY needs specific tailored wheels).

For smashes or any descending stroke, a tripod is needed – a tripod is not proposed in the campaign and we will certainly not develop our own – What we intend to do (described in Kickstarter roadmap section) is to develop a simple universal tripod adapter that will enable BADDY to be mounted on any tripod with a camera screw plug. BADDY is designed with a Hacker/Maker’s mindset – use things you already have, and keep your money.

Is BADDY made for advanced players? BADDY has been tested with regional level players and they enjoy using it for cardio training, regularity – that’s pretty cool. One true thing about BADDY: It is not the killer machine that sends 5 birdies per sec, 250km/h shot etc. It was designed to be as simple as possible: provide maximum value with maximum affordability. Clubs will use it for beginners’ training sessions, some competitors’ sessions. The really cool thing with BADDY is the portability: itinerant coaches will love it; clubs, leagues will love it for their external showcase sessions. And players and non players will have their Badminton Buddy.

We hope to have answered your questions about BADDY project, may you have other questions in mind, have a look at our Kickstarter page – you can post your questions here, and we will be glad to enrich FAQ.

All the best to you guys, let’s spread the word and let’s GO BADDY!