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HSBC BWF World Tour Finals | Drama-filled contest between Tai Tzu Ying and Carolina Marin — 60 Comments

  1. 我們家小戴真的超棒^^恭喜小戴! 也恭喜男雙麟洋配三連冠!台灣之光^^

  2. Watchibg Marin’s matches is just too painful to the ears. There are players like Federer and Nadal who exudes greatness and elegance in the court. And yes they sometimes scream too. But the way Marin screams is just too ugly. She is a skilled player, but a shameful screamer.

  3. Yes! Finally TTY silenced the shrieking sound of Marin’s scream! Congratulation TTY!

  4. 一路少許的落後仍能不屈不撓逆轉情勢,小戴的意志力真的好強大,超感動!!

  5. 这是一场用生命在打的比赛,小戴拼了! 最后的逆转胜太漂亮了! 辛苦了,完美收官,可以开心回家了!

  6. The queen is back! The screamer deserves at least a yellow card. Everyone need earplugs for watching the game.

  7. 两岸网友难得达成共识:马琳好吵

  8. The losers of WS should do a postmortem just by watching these two super players, Olympic’s gold medalist and World No. 1. They have kept their form, stamina, skills and determination. Not relying on past glory. Silver/Bronze medalist, World Champion etc is not the alternative to proper physical and mental training.

  9. CONGRATULATION for Tai Tzu Ying TAIWAN 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼…. from Indonesia 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨 …. wo ai ni …💞💞💞💞💞

  10. Marin’s screeching scream has one purpose, to irritate her opponent. Not a fair and decent gamesmanship. The most beautiful thing is TTY kept her cool and won in the most professional manner. So happy to see the Queen of badminton making her comeback in such a pleasant form.

  11. Remember when Marin won her 1st final after her surgery? Tai Tzu Ying crossed the net to give her a hug. Now look at this. Marin cannot even offer a smile in congratulations. Real bad manners.

  12. @Alex Chu Yes, it greatly irritates her opponents. If we audiences can’t handle it imagine playing against her. It’s a dirty deliberate tactic. She is a good but hated player.

  13. Mizz Aniz tekak aku pula yg nk tecabut dgr dia teriak2 tu bedesing telinga. dah la volume earphone kuat masa tu.teanjat boboy 😅😂 mak aku pun tak sekuat itu teriak marahkn aku..😅

  14. @Tak Tak football is a contact sport, the pitch, the sweat, the rain, the fans cheering in the stadium. its different bruv. bad comparison mate.

  15. 哈哈哈,两岸问题再怎么也是我们内部的问题啦。还是要一致对外的啦,啦啦啦~而且这马琳实在太吵了,还拖延比赛,还那么粗鲁无礼!

  16. @Datalover 数据可视化 馬琳很吵我同意,但誰跟你內部阿,內林老木
    台灣人是該一致對外,那個外指的就是中國 🙂

  17. @Shortcut to Spanish Well, maybe she should scream beside your ear. Btw, Japanese supporters/fans don’t scream and your point??? Does that make them any less supportive???

  18. @Sep Wijaya Marin did admit to scream in order to distract her opponent. And to scream aggressively 4/5 times following each point won or opponent’s error is lack of respect and unsportmanship. Don’t be surprised when there’s ruling to that effect. I suggest that you live next door to her on her wedding night , perhaps her screaming might turn you on.

  19. @Must.Af.aalik Oo, I just found out if we shout it turns out to be unsportsmanlike action and respect for the opponent,wow.

  20. 跟兩岸無關,這是世界網友共識。

  21. @Shortcut to Spanish Are you saying playing against Marin is super easy? Tai, or any other players played against Marin did not scream like Marin.

  22. @D L Guys, it’s about ambient in sports and this is not chess (Btw, I still find funny that chess is considered a sport. xD 😀 )

  23. @Shortcut to Spanish there’s no fans there so really there’s no need to scream like that 🤷🏻‍♂️

  24. I understand that fans get excited and like to scream . But I think the majority of people on this thread would agree Carolina Marin’s screaming is too much. Fair enough scream when you win a game / match .but after almost every point ? . But we’re all entitled to our opinions ☺️.

  25. @Lachlan Mulford She had a terrible lesion but will keep working hard to keep playing against the odds. You keep talking. Good luck trying to take sports into libraries. 🙂

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