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How to use the wrist in badminton – 5 shots biomechanics

How to use the wrist in badminton – 5 shots biomechanics. I will show you how not to use the wrist, and likewise how to use it correctly. In badminton the wrist biomechanics is actually crucial to get more power in your shots, and to prevent injuries in the wrist. With the proper badminton grip, it is much easier to find out the right method, and to utilize the wrist properly, with forearm rotation. Let me show you 5 examples on this, in this wrist tutorial – Enjoy!

The 5 shots are.
– Overhead shots.
– Backhand drive.
– Backhand low serve.
– Forehand lift.
– Backhand defensive slice.

The 4 basic grips are.
– Forehand grip:.
– Thumb grip:.
– Bevel grip:.
– Hammer grip:.

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– How to use the forearm:.
– How to use footwork:.

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Good luck with the biomechanics.

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