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In this video we reveal you how to appropriately evaluate the speed of the shuttle, and also just how to tip it if it's not the correct rate! #SHORTS Join our Badminton Understanding neighborhood:

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Giving you an understanding into all points tennis!


How To Test & Change The Speed Of A Shuttlecock (If You Need To!) #Shorts — 40 Comments

  1. Hope you enjoyed this short video – it’s been highly requested! 🏸 Make sure you smash the subscribe button as we have some big videos coming up in the next few weeks 😄💥

  2. Wouldn’t the force of the hit or the curve of the flight-path influence the lenght of the shot? btw, I love your channel an I am of course a subscriber 😉 grettings out of switzerland

  3. Haha thanks ☺️ yes as we mentioned you should hit it “firmly in an upwards direction” – of course this won’t be hit exactly the same by every person, but as long as you’re not hitting it really high or just flat across the net then it shouldn’t be a problem 👍🏼

  4. hi pls could u make a backhand clear tutorial with some drills or excercises to practice this with thankyou

  5. WOW! I’ve been playing badminton for 16+ years and didn’t notice those two lines….. this is so enlightening, thank you! So where in the shuttle would you recommend adding a small lead ball for extra speed??!

  6. Would love to see some POV games played! I find it helps me learn awareness and is quite unique to watch

  7. Didn’t know you could use blue tac to speed up a shuttle. Will definitely try it out as I accidentally bought a tube of shuttle that are too slow.

  8. The BWF and also every national leagues have a set of guidelines laid out in the rule book on how to properly test shuttles 😉

  9. There’s always some discussion over shuttle speed during matches or tournaments. I usually see two players testing one with visible difference in effort and there usually is a disagreement in terms of shuttle speed. Where Player “A” is hitting the shuttle about 70-80 percent and is relatively relaxed and approving the speed, Player “B” is visibly more tensed, looks like he hits the shuttle as hard as he can in comparison with Player A and saying the shuttle is too fast.

    Though the term “firmly” is used in this clip – can you give an estimate in percentages (where 100% is as hard as you possibly can, like Player B did) , how hard should you strike that shuttle during a test?

  10. 1 of my group plays with fast shuttle and they change the bird when it get to the ‘right’ speed (for me). I get so tilted because I can’t use my normal fast lifts/pushes.

  11. Love the knowledge and tutorial 🥰. Side note: Can’t help to notice when bending a new shuttle, Greg switched to a Yonex shuttle🤣

  12. Thanks! And congrats on being the first person to find the ‘Easter egg’ 🤣

  13. How about take off angle, height and velocity of the shuttle ? How to standardise these “biological” factors affecting the position of the landing area?

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