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Basic Badminton for Beginners. — 38 Comments

  1. I played badminton for 10 years without any training.Serving and defending should not be the problems to me, smashing need more energy and the most important is the footstep, my friend said how can I play without training before, I said I played for so many years and because I love badminton. What I want to say is first you must interesting in badminton so that you can play well and don’t give up.

  2. This video is very very helpful for the beginners .Especially me .Thank you for this video

  3. Although I’m certainly not a beginner in Badminton, I enjoy referring to this video to help me not only freshen up on the basics, but also to help me teach my little cousins how to play. 🙂

  4. Explained everything in easy way to learn these basic skills .Thanks for making this tutorial . It is really helpful .

  5. Thank you. You taught me a lot of badminton and I’m very good because of the video you made.

  6. Great video I am new to badminton and thinking about playing next year in high school. Thanks for the video ❤️❤️

  7. I’m a 100% total beginner at this, I played it in school about 20 years ago but nothing serious. My Mrs wants to start this, so ordered the rackets and shuttlecocks, will be taking this up soon as they arrive. Since I suggested it, got loads of family and friends who want to start it Aswel.
    as I am a total beginner I don’t understand the rules and techniques so educating myself:) don’t want to show myself up

  8. I have literally never played badminton and I decided to join my school representative team… wish me luck
    edit: I was actually pretty good, better than some of those who have played before, and there was no tryouts because not many people joined haha so yea 🙂
    second edit: I’m doing well now, still playing badminton for school and was going to play against another school but because of the pandemic it was cancelled 🙁

  9. Finally i learned to serve. I’ve wanted to learn it for so long and finally i found the right video to train me

  10. I watched this about 4 years ago when I started badminton… Yeah I’m a lot better now 😂

  11. I have been playing less than month… Good video for beginners like me. Thank you❤

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