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Learn this amazing stroke with this step by step tutorial about the BACKHAND CLEAR , BASIC TUTORAL
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How to Hit the Overhead Badminton Backhand Clear?

Hitting a perfect Backhand Clear is difficult. You should only focus on generating enough power to hit the shuttle from one end to another.

Your opponents will try to force you to perform backhand strokes by hitting shuttles towards your backhand area!

This stroke is by any means very important to master to get you out of trouble!

1) A relaxed backhand grip
2) Your racket foot must point towards the corner
3) Raise the elbow as high as possible!
4) Extend your arm and tighten up the grip at impact
5) Do not stop the swing! The swing should be ONE smooth motion.
6) Stomp with your feet as you hit the shuttle – this will generate even more power! (whiplash effect) The kinetic chain

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