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Badminton Footwork – 6 Corners in singles (Advance) — 23 Comments

  1. Two suggestions: (1) You have the startup step but miss the very important recovery step. (2) Do not bounce up and down too much. You will hurt your knees for sure if trained like this.

  2. Thank you. I needed a good introduction into advanced footwork. Ill review this video when I need help.

  3. Amazing video, very good quality. I have a question, most of the times you do not go too deep into the two back corners in the drill, but in real game situation the birdie usually goes deeper. So do you still use the same number of steps if you have to go deeper into the back corners? Cheers

  4. Hi Martin, 
    sorry for the late reply, the answer is yes, once you get used to the footwork, you can apply the same number with bigger footwork, the deeper the birdie goes, the wider footwork need to apply. That’s the advantage of using the number as a rhythm, so you will have better control of moving around the court. Hope this helps. Cheers…

  5. The best footwork training instruction I have ever seen! Keep up the good work! This is amazing!!

  6. clearest video yet on 6 corner footwork. extremely helpful..i use laptop and watch standing up holding racquet. also can bring laptop righto court and do exercise.

  7. What’s the recovery step. Is he stepping back directly from the lunge the issue?

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