Astrox 100zz

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1st, how much do you bought it? If its way cheaper then its fake. Its no brainer for the store to sell way bellow the common price unless its an old model & old stock.

If you buy cheap, i can just say, you get what you paid for. Just enjoy your new toy. Hope it fit your racket preference regardless if its fake or not

2nd, where do you buy it? Is it well reputable store or unknown online store? Coz i never heard of DW code, i cant be so sure if its fake or not. Maybe it just me that didnt know & if its from reputable store you could at least trust them if its genuine.

Last, please dont spam.
You post on many other thread to. Thats wont help you get an answer correctly or faster.
The more we all see it, the more we piss off, & the less likely to answer you.