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0:00 Intro
0:45 (1) Strange Story
2:10 (2) Injury Comeback
3:26 (3) Fernando Rivas
4:41 (4) Smartphone Coach
5:33 (5) Science& Statistics
7:09 (6) Career Goal
8:17 (7) Training in Covid
8:51 (8) Dog Lover

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8 Things you did not know about CAROLINA MARIN — 31 Comments

  1. @Jennifer Y @Gayathri Thatavarthi Why didn’t y’all be a little bit positive thinking? Maybe Marin did that to keep her spirit, maybe she didn’t mean to be disrespectful to her opponent. Well I just want to share my thoughts, it’s up to you anyway. We better see something in a positive way, right?

  2. I find her fantastic, a great competitor and someone revolutionizing the women’s game. Tired of all these weak, mousy players with flat characters.

  3. @P’nam ratvanida For one, she said that she does that to bother her opponents herself.

  4. @Shortcut to Spanish It’s a joke among badminton fans😂 it wasn’t intended to be an offensive comment against her 🇪🇸 ❤️

  5. Carolina Marin hv done for badminton than any other players in history. Without her who be talking abt badminton this past wk. She’s the top saleswoman for badminton so be graceful whether she’s a screamer or extraordinary extrovert . By nature the Asian players r meek n by comparison Marin is loud n to some arrogant . However compare to some of world top women tennis players it’s quite normal.

  6. Amazing video… what coach said to her about ordinary human, was very deep.
    And her exercise work and effort were unbelievable. Wish that Grego, Selli, and Fitriani watch this and do at least 50% of Marin’s efforts..

  7. yes, it’s too much, but I think she knows that she gets a big advantage because of it. The other players will lose their concentration

  8. She is good at playing the mental game. Maybe one of the best female athletes to do it. But she will not be remembered as a humble a nice person. But maybe she does not care

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