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4 Ways To Master Your Backhand In Badminton — 27 Comments

  1. Just after my session today i felt like i should improve my backhand. Bang…. here comes my coach. A true understanding 😂 😍

  2. Can we have some training routine please? I went back to see half court routine yesterday and it really make sense. Keep those videos coming. Thanks.

  3. Such clear practical advice delivered in a truly unique way! You guys are continuing to smash it!!

    I really look forward to Sunday mornings for your new upload and they never disappoint 🔥🏸

  4. Another great video!!😂this will definitely help me get to that next step even though I’m pretty good at backhands

  5. Thank you so much for this video. My backhand is weak but after watching this video I will solve my backhand problem😊

  6. Thanks a lot Graham 😀 We’re do our best to keep producing hopefully valuable content 😊

  7. Hi Greg and Jenny thanks for the amazing content you always deliver and thank you for continuing to spread our beloved sport

  8. Thank you so much for this video. Your techniques are unique and very helpful. If possible can please make a video on how to improve your lifts? My lifts fall mid-court. Needed some tips to improve it.

  9. This video is so timely. One of the guys that I regularly play with just said to me “Dan you are making good improvements but you have no backhand shot !”
    Very good video and I hope to start adding in a backhand shot into my repertoire to get me out of trouble

  10. Thanks for these amazing videos ! This one is definitely one of your best ! So clear and useful !

  11. Very clear explanation, especially thanks for the tip about facing backwards; to use ones body-rotation in power generation, not heard that stated so explicitly before! Cheers!

  12. Thank you for the video! It’s funny because I was talking to my friend about how my backhand sucked and then a second later I opened YouTube and this was the first video that showed up haha! I really appreciate the work you guys do

  13. You talked about having less control when your arm is further away from you. How close should it really be, optimally? Do you have a video somewhere discussing this? Thanks again for the incredible work and dedication you put into this!

  14. What I’ve found out from my own personal experience and observing others is that the kinetic chain plays an absolute massive role in power – with the forehand as well as backhand. Could you guys do a video on that? For example, I am right-handed and notice in recordings that I raise my left leg with hard backhands, and right leg with hard forehands. This has always been automatic for me(never learnt to do it either). I feel like I was born with this ‘chain’. Many people don’t seem to have it naturally. For example not everyone can throw a golf ball 90 metres. I do wonder if it’s possible to learn to use this kinetic chain. Would be interested to see you guys’ thoughts on this. I would think it’s a very important topic to cover as it adds a LOT of power to shots.

  15. Hi Jenny and Greg! Me and my friend got our first set of feather shuttlecocks the other day and noticed they get damaged really easily. At what point should we give up on a shuttlecock? When two feathers break? One? Even after our hour long session most of them were getting wobbly in the air. Thanks!

  16. After watching your videos and practicing, my brother and I just won our U15 game today, both our first tournament and first victory. Thank you for making informative videos like this.

    However, we had a bit of a problem dealing with nerves right before our game. Do you have any tips on that?

  17. Hey guys, thanks for another great video. Loved some of the angling and editing on this one. Those little slider things for the duration of each tip was pretty cool. As well as good quality concise information as always

  18. Hi Ethan! Thanks a lot – glad you enjoyed them 😀 thanks for the comment!

  19. Love the editing on this video. Your transitions were slick! Really nice video to watch as well as cracking content. Keep these coming!! Hope you don’t see my backhand at the NBC or you’d have a heart attack! xD