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10 Greatest Badminton COMEBACKS — 57 Comments

  1. And thats why any sport is amazing. If you fight to the end you win, simple.

  2. Lesson of the day : Never take match point when your opponent is at 14 !!

  3. Those two Dane girls are known to be really nervous with third set of any major championships. They lost to themselves.

  4. Lin Dan vs Qiao Bin was at China Masters and Tian Houwei won the title…

  5. Left anti pc Agreed they have had too many second places. But good for them they just recently won the All England.

  6. The 2006 Malaysian Open final just has to be one of the most legendary match.

  7. Hi Shuttle Flash, I think the greatest comeback was in the first Sudirman Cup in Jakarta, Indonesia by the legendary Susi Susanti.

    It was in 1989, INDONESIA VS KOREA in the final. Indonesia was by far the dominant force at those era. Indonesia won Thomas Cup (men’s team) and Uber Cup (womens team) consecutively at those era. Indonesia also dominated lots of tournaments at that time. Out of 4 golds offered by badminton in 1992 olympic games, Indonesia won 2 golds and even created all Indonesian final at the men’s singles final. The other 2 golds were won by China and Korea.
    With this era of dominance, Indonesia offered another cup named Sudirman cup with Borobudur temple on top of it. Contending mixed team of 2 singles of men and women and 3 doubles of men, women and mixed. Indonesia was confident that it will win the first sudirman cup knowing the statistics of its players.

    The better seeding and also host of the tournament, Indonesia, surprisingly lost the first 2 matches. In the third match, Susi played against the korean women single player, Young Suk. With pressure to turn back the situation, Susi eventually lost a very thin edge of 10~12 in the first set. In the second set, Susi was also left behind by a huge margin of 4~10. With only 1 point, the korean could have won the set, and close the 3rd match and even bring home the trophy by a convincing score 3 vs 0 against Indonesia, the host and the ultimate contender.

    As Susi recalled it, half of the audience who were dissapointed Indonesian supporters had left the stadium. What they expected as a glory, turned to be a humiliation at home ground.

    “You know, half of the audience in Istora went home. Maybe they considered it an end”

    Susi patiently waited for her moments to attack rather than forcing an attack just to close a point quickly. Surely, Susi was afraid of committing unforced error. The korean player was doing the opposite as she eagerly wanted to close the set, the match, and even the tournament. The Korean player was eager and rushingly attack and committed some mistakes. And Susi eventually turned it over and won the set by 12 vs 10.

    “After the break, I saw my opponent shed a tear as if she just cried. I heard the rumours that she just got slapped” Susi said.

    “I saw that as an opportunity. I kept on attacking her. That was the first time I did not give any point to my opponent. Usually, I would gave 1 or 2 points to the opponent. In the third set, I won by 11~0” Susi told.

    As Susi won her match, the ultimate winner should be decided to the 4th and even the 5th match, men’s singles and mixed doubles. Indonesia won convincingly by straight 2 sets. And Indonesia won the first Sudirman Cup by 3 vs 2 against Korea.

    How a single point could have changed the history.

    “In my opinion, if a match is not finished, we cannot decide the winner. But it was a good victory for me!” Susi told.

    Badminton was contested for the first time at the olympic in 1992. Susi won the gold medal and it was the first olympic gold medal for Indonesia. In the men’s singles, it was all Indonesian final and won by Alan Budikusuma. The 2 bronzes of men’s singles were also Indonesian players. The 2 golds of double events were won 1 by China and 1 by South Korea. Susi later married Alan. She retired after she gave birth to her first child in late 90s.

    Susi was the queen of Badminton in the 90s. Oldest tournament of All england, some tournaments with “open” title, world championship, and olympic gold are just few of her achievement. She also won bronze in 1996 olympic, which made her the first badminton player to ever win 2 olympic medals.

  8. Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan, one of the greatest rivalry in sports. Their legendary battles will be forever remembered.

  9. Time to add Viktor Axelsen’s meltdown at Singapore Open 2019, leading 16-6 a and ending up losing 18-21 (only 2 points scored!) to his number one arch nemesis Kento Momota.

  10. 14:53 – Actually, instead of 19-12 down, it was 20-13 down. LCW chased back to 20-20, then lost a point 21-20 before winning 21-23. What was worth noticing though, was that at 20-15 down (15:07), LD made a tumbling net shot (mostly known as ‘lucky net shot’ but trust me it was skill not luck), but LCW managed to tumble it back and won the point. In most cases a tumbled net shot will mostly win the point, so was really a big win and greatest comeback for LCW. Also, back in 2006, LD was considered the strongest together with Taufik Hidayat and LCW was just rising, not considered as the same level as LD back then.

  11. @Patrick Lee LD’s coach was there & they didn’t object any decisions of the line judge at that time. Your claim is invalid.

  12. @edogaktop lcw got no good attitude. Watch more.of his videos against newbies or infamous players. He jz troll them like a kid no respect. Hence, he always lose to young or new players. I have been watching it all the time. Dat’s why he cant win big tournaments. He has child attitude. Fck it

  13. @Van Pham axelsen toughest match against momota in last game fuzhou china open but bad luck

  14. @Newborn Baby Running Special Lee Chong Wei is getting old so don’t compete him with young player. Anyway Lee Chong Wei is the best badminton player

  15. Shuttle Flash i won a game one time when the oponent had 20-11 and He had won the first set and i Won the set 22-20 and won the third and final set and won the match

  16. @Sik Jing yu i watch when he is at his peak not when he old. Jux so sick u people who didnt watch all matches and comment like u saw what lcw did all the times

  17. Love the content! I was a professional athlete and I’m just starting to make content too now, thanks for the inspiration and check it out if you have time =)


  19. Andrew Cannon lol every player who played with LCW referred him as a humble friendly guy and you‘re here as a keyboard warrior denying a fact

  20. Newborn Baby Running Special lol and you‘re here as a “warrior”

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