upgrade from astrox 77 yonex only

Upgrade from Astrox 77 (Yonex Only)


IMO you shouldn’t change two attributes at the same time. Going from Headheavy to even and going the same time from midflex to stiff can case some trouble for you. IMO any change in style of play doen’t require a new racket. Maybe in doubles a lighter head can be supportive, but in singles, I don’t see it that way.

Leave pros alone and what they play, can play in which discipline etc. They are pros because of superb technique, intense training and decent medical treatment and many other abilities we can just dream of. Most pro players are younger than us and started earlier to play than us. I’m really against this “Sure you can, because XY does, too”. I’m pretty sure that Kenta Nishimoto can hit cross court clears the whole day with a Nanoflare 800, but who of us can that? I hope anybody finally get what I want to tell…

I can’t recommend ARC11 and Duora10. Don’t get me wrong, both good rackets, but they had sinking issues. I had a sinking ARC11 at 23lbs from a customer. You should never see something like this when you buy a high end. Have you thought of trying AX77 4U? A stiff shaft and less head weight needs much more explosiveness to make it work. Atm you use something very forgiving. I wouldn’t recommend to look for something stiff when you want to reduce head weight.