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The 7 BIGGEST Mistakes We’ve Made In Badminton — 36 Comments

  1. Who can relate to any of these mistakes? 😅 And just to remind you, the 2 Skillshare classes we highly recommend are “Principles & Tools To Boost Your Productivity” by Ali Abdaal, and “How To Build Habits That Last” by Thomas Frank. The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare where you can watch either (or both!) of these classes: https://skl.sh/badmintoninsight03221

  2. So much truth and insights in this video. Things i wished i knew and did when i was a kids. Thank you.

  3. Big thanks to my techer who always help me improving my game big thanks 😃 (Badminton Insight)

  4. I also was very serious about my training and my attitude towards playing for fun changed after seeing your videos in which you always told having fun is important
    Well thanks for that🙂

  5. I’m in the category of number 6. I don’t usually get a chance to play someone better than myself so while playing I do many half lifts to have some competition. I’ve been playing badminton for 20 years and watched you guys play in the German open. I wish I could give you guys some of my technique which is always works. The deception which is my main skill rather than ultimate power

  6. Great content, as always! Just let me add a personal No 8 to your list, which I sadly watch ever so often: don’t stop learning and training new skills! For me, at age 60+, Badminton is my favourite area to prove that ‘an old dog can learn new tricks, too’ – as we would put it in German. So many players around me just stop growing as players around the age of 60, 50, or even 40. That’s so sad to watch, and boring to play with.

  7. Hi both
    Another enjoyable video. It’s a shame you missed out playing in Birmingham this week. The atmosphere was great with audiences back to support the players. Will we get a chance to see you at the commonwealth games later this year?

  8. As usual, quality content. It’s always refreshing to see pros open up about their mistakes and share insights on how to avoid common pitfalls, especially since it can be rather personal. Thanks, cheers and happy badminton-ing! 😛

  9. Very much relatable especially number 1. Sometimes we just forgot that badminton is also a game and that we play because it is fun

  10. Do you sometimes play in single or is it useless at a certain level for double players ?

  11. I loved the part where you described how viktor enjoys that shot, and truly speaking, I practice the same shot too, just for fun, I am 19 though, and another that young though :P. Great video, by the way, and thanks for all the insights.

  12. Aloha Greg and Jenny, awesome tips, thanks for sharing these hard learned points over your 20 year careers. Wishing you guys much success in the future, stay well.

  13. Good stuff , thank you 😊
    Number 3 is lacking and key for me 😵‍💫

  14. Both of you are #1 in my book. All sports need more people like the two of you.

    That clip of little Jenny was adorable. 🏸

  15. We don’t really play it no but we believe it is quite good for doubles, especially for younger players!

  16. You’re welcome! Yes it’s hard but needed! Keep working at it 👍🏻

  17. “Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong” totally changed my perspective when it comes to practice. Will try to keep this in mind next session!

  18. I can relate to these mistakes in my ordinary life as well 😉 Is Badminton Insight starting courses on Skillshare too? I feel top Athletes are the best people to teach about dedication, perseverance, winning mentality, and how to deal with failure (please don’t get me wrong, I mean it in a positive way). I find many courses are skin deep: discussing theories, ideal situation, but never about reality and the struggles involved. This is why I really like your Channel 😊

  19. Finally someone says Perfect practice make things perfect, really nice. I heard this only once before from a famous and really great vocal coach.

  20. Great advice ! I also really got a kick out of seeing little Jen up in the stands watching a game! You guys are my favorite mixed doubles team. I look forward to seeing your next video on ur competition. The last one was really cool seeing what u guys went through in the whole competition environment. That was a really enjoyable video

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