muscle power 99 frame integrity help

Muscle Power 99 frame integrity (Help)

Hi BC,

I have this Muscle Power 99 and something is worrying me.

The no.9 hole on both sides seems have sunk in a bit…

I tried using leftover overgrip to act as a cushion.

Afterwards, i strung the racket at 24lbs. I look at it and it doesn’t look promising to me

Anybody has any idea what else i can do to improve this situation? It would totally suck if this racket goes to waste.

I have attached the photos show the sink, what i have done and the result of it after stringing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! 20220417_102001.jpg 20220417_102029.jpg 20220417_120419.jpg 20220417_145857.jpg 20220417_145902.jpg 20220724_003153.jpg 20220724_010055.jpg

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