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GAO Fangjie (高昉洁)


At the post-match interview, Marin first congratulated Gao Fangjie for her victory and when asked what she thought of her opponent, said:” She is a strong player, a tough opponent. She plays like Li Xuerui,similar.” But when the reporter probed further asking in what way, she held back:” I cannot tell you the details, that’s as good as telling her my thinking of her game. We’re going to meet in future, I will continue working hard and strive to beat her.”

Gao Fangjie was also asked for her comments on Marin:” She is a typical attacking player and very capable of winning points very fast. She wins points as fast as she loses them, that gives me a lot of pressure when I’m in the lead. But if I can withstand several of her attacking shots, she may make mistakes because she is quite irascible.”

When the reporter asked GFJ about talks of her resembling Li Xuerui, she replied:” They say we look like each other and we both play an attacking game. I’m still far inferior to her, she is a more complete player.” The CCTV reporter added,”But you’re younger,” to which she responded,” As for age, I still have to take it one step at a time and keep improving myself. One match doesn’t prove anything, I hope to do well in every tournament through solid training. Training and tournament is one straight line. First I must get my training right, then play well in tournaments, garner ranking points and strive for superseries and premier events.”

On Gao Fangjie’s victory, the Singles Head Coach Xia Xuanze said:” This is also the coaching team’s victory.”