Any thoughts on Victor Auraspeed 100X?

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I bought 2 100Xs now.

1. New version with power ring (I used it for 2 weeks)
My first thought is it is super easy to play with. Effortless clears (As easy as Brave Sword 12), Good power on smashes and super forgiving on mishits (doesn’t vibrate as much so it doesn’t hurt your elbow and shoulder). I used to main Jnice Black Panther 4U. Jnice BP was the best racket I’ve ever used by far but what it’s lacking is that killer smashes on perfect hit. 100X have that. I would say, 100X is the racket you think of if Brave Sword 12 and 100ZZ have a baby and you get free core. Thats my thoughts after using it for 2 weeks. Jnice is still a little bit better on front court. But all-round wise, 100X is the best in the market.

2. Ahsan Signature version
I decided to buy it yesterday since it’s very collectible. So I strung it with No.1 Boost to try it out for 1 session the see the difference between the power ring and older version. 1 hour after strung (haven’t even swing) the racket broke. So I contact the sales reps to do the claim procedures. They got back to me and said there’s no signature racket left so I will get the power ring version in return. I nearly got a mental break down lol. gonna have to wait for 1-2 months now. sorry for a little rant.