[Video] How can I improve? :)

avatar m

I have watched some of your singles, and the things that really stand out for me are:

At the back of the court, your “scissor kick” is always moving backwards – this means you are never behind the shuttle properly. The scissor kick motion (where your feet switch position from right foot back and left forwards, to the other way around) should be performed on the spot (not travelling backwards) and with the body weight leaning forwards (rather than backwards). Sometimes, particularly very very deep in the backhand corner, you may not be able to do it in this way and will have to step back, but that should be a rare exception.

The second major thing, is all of your backhand strokes – you do not use any kind of backhand grip. Because your backhand does not make effective use of the thumb (and fingers!) your shots have no power and are not very “crisp” – this includes the serve, net shots, net kills, backhand overhead (clear and drop) as well as backhand lifts from the net. Considering the rest of your game, I am surprised to see how poor all your backhand strokes are – I suggest this is your best area for improvement!

Good luck!