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In this video we reveal you a weekend break in our life as expert tennis players, playing a German Bundesliga match for our team BC Wipperfeld and after that spending a few days at the VICTOR Europe Headquarters! Join our Tennis Understanding community:

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Thanks – Greg and Jenny!.

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The Coolest Badminton Office Ever? VICTOR HQ Tour + Bundesliga Match Vlog! — 29 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for this vlog, I really love your vlogs and all the other videos, every video helps me learn things about badminton. LOVE YOY BOTH ❤❤

  2. You guys asked for some more vlogs, so here it is! Hope you enjoy 🤗🐭 And for those who always ask how to get a sponsorship, stay tuned til the end of the video!!

  3. Jenny with spinning that racket on her finger like a boss at 7:48 😎 and Greg’s moves at 7:53 😎 Nice Vlog once again!!! 🐭🐁🖱️

  4. Really entertaining video from start to end! Love the big racket smash at the end 😀🏸🐭

  5. Great vlog! The Badminton court mousepad is so sick! The way you guys got the Badminton insight logo on the hoodie was so cool. I never knew that’s how they made custom hoodies! The Giant Racket is awesome! Love your videos! 🐭

  6. You are the best couple , best coach as well as best mix player for me . Thank you so much sir for this vlog . I get really enjoyed and I want to join your acadmy sir

  7. Seeing the victor HQ is definitely cool.
    Thinking about it, I’d love to see some “how it’s made” content for like rackets and shoes at some point, would be quite interesting. 🐭

  8. Great vlog, very easy to watch, plus it was packed with lots of cool information. Have we just seen your future office, Greg, as you seemed very excited about lunchtime badminton 🙂

  9. Fantastic vlog, and thank you guys so much for making these videos!! Love you both! ❤🐭

  10. A lot of people think that being a professional athlete is so glamorous and fun but it’s incredibly hard work for many, many years! I’m a retired hockey player (no NHL experience) and when you’re a younger elite athlete you can have practice VERY early in the morning and lots of travel every week. You might even have to live away from home and live with another family for a few years. Extremely hard work but commendable in order to become the best athlete you can be.

    Greg, that ‘special’ racquet you swung at the end of the video, would that happen to be the new ‘Suoer Defensive’ model from Victor?

    I really appreciate both your efforts, Greg & Jenny. Bless you both and have a very Merry Christmas! With ❤️ from Cincinnati, Ohio.

  11. Great to see you playing with Kristin Kuuba😊 Since I’m from Estonia where badminton isn’t very popular, I’m proud of her☺️
    Great video and I love your vlogs!!🐭😁

  12. Such a cool office, would be amazing to work there… very reliable brand 🐭

  13. Congrats on the Bundesliga win! Lovely to see another vlog ☺️
    I’m asking my employer for lunchtime badminton 🤭

  14. Thanks for the wide variety of vids. Just getting back into badminton after a long time off and your vids are helping inspire me to teach my kids while learning lots of tips myself.

  15. The new age of the professional badminton player has already arrived and you two are doing so much on and off court to get that awareness of the sport out there. It’s incredible and we will likely start to see more and more players take on social media with their fans and get more people playing! Great vlog and tour of Victor HQ! 🏸

  16. Really enjoyed this vlog! Cool to see some clips from your matches and also the Victor HQ, what a place 😮 awesome work guys 💪

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