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Many thanks – Greg and Jenny!.

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Tactical Advice For Mixed Doubles – Where To Attack, How To Rotate + MORE! — 35 Comments

  1. Hope you guys enjoyed ‘part 2’ of our Mixed Doubles Tactics series 🧠 If you missed part 1 (all about the serve and return) then check it out here: https://youtu.be/veXUOLpN2IY Also, what other ‘series’ would you like us to cover in the future? ⬇

  2. A topic creating confusion all around the world! NOT ANY MORE thanks to you guys 🤩

  3. Another great video Jenny & Greg.

    Just also want to thank you for my prizes the shoes look & feel great and can’t wait to get the rackets strung up and let loose on court and I’m watching this video with a cuppa with my badminton insight mug 😊

  4. Ah thank you so much Darren! 😄 Glad you’re enjoying the prizes and congrats for being the 100,000 subscriber giveaway winner 😆

  5. The things i want in this channel:
    -how to late cross net shot
    -detailed slice video
    -tactcal advice for singles

  6. 🧠 Thanks again. I watched your warm up video last week, and it has proven a game changer for me (I start much better and feel it less the next day). Thanks so much!!

  7. Sir your warm up video really helped me before this I never thought that a good warmup can increase performance very much

  8. 🧠 Another great one, thank you for going into so much detail, and sharing your clear enthusiasm for mixed. 🙂

  9. Wow, that was a jam-packed episode, my brain is hurting! Seriously lots to think about, big thanks! Can’t wait till the defense video!

  10. Just want to say these videos are a godsend for all of us in smaller badminton countries and clubs without proper coaches. These will go a long way in improving the know-how at the grassroots level 🧠 You guys are absolute legends!👏👏

  11. 🧠 Top notch video, as always. I’m loving these slightly longer ones, and the fact that you’re still going into so much detail, rather than trying to cram it all into one video. Thanks!

  12. Even in regular doubles I tend to become small and insecure when I go to the front, so I learned that having a big presence at the net is actually really important. Also, in singles I would sometimes try to go 100% with my smashes, but if they defended it, I wouldn’t be there in time. Now I know that it’s not worth it to go 100% when you’re in a bad position because less power means better balance and quicker recovery/footwork. Appreciate the work you put in these videos! 🧠

  13. 🧠 Thanks again for the very clear explanations. Will have to watch my play to see what needs working on.
    Playing in another Murcia tournament in 2 weeks, but with someone in Men’s Doubles I have never played with before, no chance to practice. Hoping for easy matches to start to get used to each other!

  14. Great content. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement! I’m very new to badminton only been playing less than 4 months but really enjoying it and your videos have been really helpful ❤️🙏🏻🤗🏸 can you do a ‘lift’ tutorial please?

  15. Thanks for yet more great explanations of both why and when to be in certain positions and what shots to play. I definitely am a sucker for trying to hit too hard from below the net line.

    Also, thanks for the TRME discount! You just saved me nearly £30 on an equipment order (new racket, shoes and grips)

  16. Never cease to amaze me how you guys can fit all this much information in few minutes. I just watched the whole video and I don’t even play mixed doubles…that just show you how much I enjoy watching your videos…very well thought out and very enjoyable to watch 🧠

  17. 🧠 thanks for sharing your badminton 🏸 tips each time. Really appreciated for your sharing. Learned a bit more each time. It does helps my badminton skills when I play with my friends.
    Once again you guys rocks and keep up the good work. As you guys have imparting knowledge to us. Thanks 🙏🏿

  18. May I ask you this question, since when have you started playing badminton, just my curiosity to know how pros like you are made👍

  19. @Badminton Insight ignore my above question , i have got the answer from your other video “Badminton advice, goals and marriage?! – 50,000 Subscriber Q&A!”

  20. Ah thank you so much Pat! 🤗 Singles videos coming soon for you, we promise 🤪

  21. Glad you enjoyed it! And you’re welcome, they’re a great company 🏸😄 Hope you enjoy the new gear!

  22. Glad we’re helping you Hugh 🙂 We’ve got a lifting tutorial on our channel already, hope that one helps!

  23. Glad you enjoyed it David, and good luck for the tournament! Make sure to just communicate with your partner beforehand about their strengths/weaknesses and how you can best set each other up!

  24. Thank you so much for your videos, as it is sometimes so difficult to have specific tactical advice for mixed double ! I’m sure this will help my playing a lot !

  25. I really appreciate this series for mixed doubles. I really enjoy to play mixed doubles and have much love for this discipline. Sadly many players don’t get so deep into the communication, tactics of mixed doubles and think mixed doubles is lady all the way at the front, man always at the back. Thanks to Jenny and Greg for explaining the tactics behind this discipline. Kind regards from Germany. I only have love for this channel. ❤🧠🏸

  26. These videos are incredible! Best explanation of simple mixed doubles rotations i’ve heard in the last few years! Amazing series!!

  27. 🧠 Thanks for doing this. By applying your advice, I’ve actually started winning matches against opponents who I considered to be way above my level – in all of singles, doubles and mixed!

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