Lin Dan ( 林丹 )

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Lin Dan has this to say in one of the interview, “Don’t mention one is an Olympic champion, or for which world champion is he, how many world number one title one has captured, for how long he could continue to be world number one, I feel that these are not what I want, ” . This article shares with the reader Lin Dan’s aspiration, and it starts from his three turning points.

The first turning point of Lin Dan was in 1997, when he was 14 years old, and still a small team player of People’s Liberation Army. “We were at the end of 1997 to Fujian Putian Nanri Island military training for 20 days, because at that time I still fancy sci-fi films, US movies, or worshipping of celebrities, after returning from the more than 20 days of People’s Liberation Army training, I felt that the PLA and officers are impressive, I just feel could not take it any more from the 20 days of experience, upon returned, I realized that if you want to be a good athlete, one will have to be serious and dedicated to do his job well. “said Lin Dan.

The experience made Lin Dan learned to be serious, even now he remains the most serious players on the training ground. “Lin Dan’s training is of the best quality in the China’s badminton team,” said Zhong Bo, the Deputy Chief coach of the China badminton team. “Basically, no one could reach his level of training, his attitude of training really have very very high expectation upon himself, so he is quite different from other athletes in this aspect. He would practice how the way he should be, and is very committed, I think this could extend Lin Dan’s presence in sport.

Lin Dan benefits significantly from the army life, until today he still preserved his signature action after his victory- the military salute. “One is a tribute to the PLA, and the other one is to tell people I am also a PLA athlete, I am also a PLA, I am not just the national team athletes, I am also a PLA athlete, I am very proud.” Lin Dan explained his signature action.

Because of his commitment and dedication, Lin Dan has soon stood out from the same group of players. In 2001 the Ninth National Games men’s singles semi-finals, the 18-year-old Lin Dan beaten famous player Chen Gang, to be selected in the national team(I think like division A). “At that time I felt that I was finally being selected into the national first division teams, and to ask what size you wear Lin Dan ah, very excited to be issued a national jersey, with a China national flag and your name, this is my first ever jersey. ” Said Lin Dan with his recollection.

Shortly one year after putting on the national team jersey, Lin Dan captured the first championship in 2002 Badminton Open competition , in 2004, being the primary player of the men’s singles, he had helped China to recoup the Thomas Cup, winning his first world champion. Just when he was branded “talented player”, he experienced a second turning point

He lost out in the first round of 2004 Athens Olympic Games, in 2005 World Championship Final, he lost to Taufik Hidayat with a huge margin. “Then my biggest experience was that you can climb really fast, but you could fall even faster. From the younger time when you feel like you are still ok, until being beaten by the reality of poor competition results again and again, I began to realize that it was not the case, no one player can be a genius, he has to put in a great deal of effort, may be in return for only a small gain. ” Lin Dan relate his view to his failures.
Lin Dan learned from the second turning point to be hard working, serious and hard working, coupled with his talent in badminton. the era of Super Dan began in 2006, two consecutive World Championship titles in 06 and 07, two Sudirman in 05 and 07 Cup champion, 05 and 06 two-time World Cup champion, 04,06 and 08 three time consecutive Thomas Cup champion, Lin Dan was eagered and looking forward to win the gold medal in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, so as to become the first person in the world badminton Grand Slam. This desire has driven Lin Dan in the way he prepared for the Olympic Games, both in training intensity and psychological state, are closed to the extreme limit. “He treated his own training too hard,” said Xie XF, “I was very worried, I said you train so hard now, I am afraid you will overwork, you may become too tired during the Olympic Game, are know very well that was not a good condition, he told me no, I have to treat every daily training like playing Olympic Games final.

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