Lee Yang / Wang Chi-lin

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Let’s welcome our newest TPE MD pair who have even more amazing workload than CTC. They were scheduled to played in Malaysia Masters and Indonesia Masters, but their debut was postponed. They started their partnership in Spain Masters and WON. They won’t stop there as they will participate in 8 CONSECUTIVE TOURNAMENTS in 8 WEEKS. I don’t see any players being come close to them in this area, not even CTC.

Here are the tournaments that they will join
Spain Masters WT300 (Champion)
German Open WT300 (R2)
All England Open WT1000 (R2)
Swiss Open WT300 (Runner up)
Orleans Masters WT100 (Champion)
India Open WT500
Malaysia Open WT750
Vietnam IC

They are now ranked 55 in BWF World Ranking. I believe that they can reach the top 10 at the end of this year.

Lee Yang was paired with Lee Jhe-huei, while Wang Chi-lin was paired with Chen Hung-ling, who is now become a coach. I’m sure that Lee Yang/Wang Chi-lin partnership will surpass their own former partnerships, respectively. TPE MD is in for serious contention in MD category.