How to Choose a Badminton Racket – The Ultimate Guide

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What's the best badminton racket? Trying to narrow it down from the top 10 badminton rackets? This video will explain how to pick a racket that is best suited for you.

Additional Factors:
You might have noticed that there are other racket specs that I haven’t mentioned.

That’s because frankly, they aren’t as important so it isn’t worth spending much time thinking about. But to be thorough, I’ll run through them quickly.

Grip size. Sizes range from G1 to G6 where 1 is the thickest. Choosing a grip is just a matter of what fits your hand. Most rackets are gripped G3 or G4, which are fine for most. If in doubt, go for a thinner grip as you can easily add an overgrip.

Material. You should look for a racket made of graphite. But pretty much all rackets these days are.

Brand. It doesn’t matter which company you choose to buy a racket from as long as they’re fairly reputable. There’s plenty to choose from, but don’t overthink it.

Racket “technologies”. Mostly marketing hype, and shouldn’t impact your decision making process too much.